A Dream for the Diablo 4 Endgame

Content of the article: "A Dream for the Diablo 4 Endgame"

Before reading. This is nothing more than an idea that any fan of the franchise would like to see in the Diablo 4 endgame. (Subject to change).

When we get to the endgame of Diablo 4 apart from being able to find Boss World, Dungeons and Clan Wars. There are also Orders These are secretly hidden and scattered throughout the Sanctuary and each one of them plays a very important role in the world because from the shadows some fight for light, order, balance. While others want to plunge Sanctuary into chaos and doom. The Orders are: 1- Horadrim Order

2- In Unum Septem Order (7 in 1. They are the union of the 7 demonic covens of the major and minor demons)

3- Order Bul-Kathos 4- Trag'Oul Order 5- Fiacla Gear Order 6- Askara Order 7- Esu Order

It is easy for a seasoned hero member of one of these Orders to come and go. But even for the veterans it will be difficult to find one of these Orders, they will have to decipher several puzzles for special locations of all Sanctuary to find the location of one of these. Upon arrival, the echo of a powerful voice will guide you to the depths of the lair where there you will meet a powerful disciple of the founders of the Order or at least a vestige of him. You will be subjected to 3 tests that are almost impossible to perform to define your will and then if you are still alive in a ritual you will be confirmed as a member of the Order. Only a hero can be a member of the same Order. The ties and the commitment that are created are old and strong, they cannot be broken. Once a member you can access special events and missions, you will earn a unique currency for unique objects and rank within it as well as great knowledge and objects of yesteryear.

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