A word about leveling for season 23….

Before I begin, this is more of a "for casuals or newbies" talk, you won't find much for pro players as not much changed. Feel free to take a look, either way, you may learn something new. Who knows. Let's get started…

While all classes level 1 through 70 differently, there are consistent factors at play that can be used to help decrease your leveling time. Now, I won't talk about group leveling because, honestly, in a 4-man ANY method is effective thanks to the huge boosts. If you can find a group, I always recommend it, even if it's just you and a friend. More people = more exp. However, if you're a lone wolf type, like me, we can make the leveling a bit easier on us with a few methods I'll list off and provide pros and cons in a more friendly to understand fashion. These methods can be found on youtube with location names and more details…

  1. Rifts: Of all leveling methods, the Rift running method is the slowest. However, it doesn't mean it's a bad choice. If you're not in a rush and can take your time, rift leveling is a great choice for you. Why? Two words: Dat Loot. While other methods will sprinkle chests and elites along the way, the Rift will guarantee you not just elites(to get you started on that DB grind) but also a Rift Guardian who will be giving you juicy loot. While leveling loot isn't entirely useful, you can luck out on legendaries to be cubed later or worn for that extra boost. This makes the Rift leveling process extremely beneficial as you'll not only be getting great quantities of materials(which we all know run out too damn fast) but also DBs and increased odds of good legendary drops. While the rift method is the slowest, it's the "juiciest" in terms of content. It also offers a variety of enemies and locations so you're not dying of boredom too quickly.
  2. Massacre Bonus(pet): The MB method is the surefire fastest solo leveling you can do but it comes at a cost. See, not all classes are well-built for MB runs and, depending on your class, you're left with 1 of two options. First, let's talk about pet classes. Any class with a built-in pet which can help sustain those bonus chains has it made. Necro, DH, Wizard and the king of MB runs Witch Doctor. Now, not all classes outright come with their pet unlocked(Wiz Hydra) but once it unlocks it becomes easier. The MB pet method is simple: Find open fields and run through them. As you kill mobs your pets tag other mobs and your kill chain just flies into the stratosphere. DH and Wiz are a bit more active than Necro and WB who can just leave their pets to do their thing though, so it's not as effective but still viable. There are a lot of open field maps and density options for each, you can easily find which are best run and just clear them out then reset. Of course, there are also enclosed areas with good density you can go to; like Halls of Agony and Temple of the Firstborn. Either way, you just B-line and kill and let your pets do the rest.
  3. Massacre Bonus(Halls): Well, let's say you want those new Firebirds so you rolled Wizard, or want to spin to win so you got a Barb. What now? Don't worry, MB method is still viable for you. In this case, however, you want to focus down on areas with multiple mobs and halls. We're talking Halls of Agony, Temple of the Firstborn, Ruins of Corvus/Sessh, etc. You're looking for claustrophobic locations where enemies are clawing over themselves so you can burn them down quickly and move to the next. It's important, however, to learn a bit of self-control and kiting. See, you dont want to burn them all down at once. It's nice to leave a few and just drag them along so you can periodically smack one and keep your kill chain alive till the next wave. Easy? No, but it's just a little extra that can help. Now, if you're finding it annoying to get a good consistency and you feel slow, I do have a solution at the cost of your own sanity.
  4. Temple of the First Born(MB): TotFB first floor is a great option to grind. It features a lot of mobs that help with bonuses, those being bugs and bloaters. It also tends to have really good consistency on the spawns and, most importantly, a cursed chest event can spawn here. Running this event than trying to keep the chain alive as you move to the next cluster can net you great bonuses. Under a proper run, you can expect easy 300 kills chains if you play your cards just right. The downside being that you'll be stuck grinding just this area, be wary of burnout. However, if you can stand the grind, this is the single fastest way to level by all other means. Solo, group, with grandma, whatever. Running Temple and finding that cursed chest event is Sonic of leveling.
  5. Pox Faulds: This is a universal method I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who is entirely new to the game and doesn't know their classes functions and multipliers or just lazy. You can roll these badboys level 1 at kadala and cube them for maximum profit or, if the multiplier is high, wear them. The Pox method is the same as the MB methods above, the only thing that changes here is the fact you never stop moving. Just Sonic your way through mobs, tap a few if you feel the density getting thin and want to keep the chain alive, and watch them melt away. This method works perfectly with crafted weapons since AOE scales on weapon damage, so you never have to worry about mechanics outside your own weapon's damage. If you craft that early level 70 weapon with a level reduction, it's GG. Best part is that if you're wearing it, you can then give it to your follower for some good start DPS. These pants can even stay with you through you set challenges, don't underestimate the dirty underwear. This is the surefire EASIEST of all leveling methods as you can do all 3 above with these badboys on you, they just make the grind even smoother. Wizards, I know that blizzard seems enticing but I highly suggest you get these poopoo britches instead, they will serve you well in the long run and you dont have to wait to use them. They also synergize well with a LoD early build, winkwink.

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The methods above are the most used, now let's talk "benefits":

I understand that not everyone likes the leveling process but I want to make something clear: If you just start the season YOU SHOULD BE LEVELING. Don't bother spamming chats for a PL till about the second/third day, you won't get any. I understand that it's clunky to have that weak characters with resource starvation and no cool bonuses, but it's part of the game. However, it's not all as bad as it seems. See, something a lot of people tend to forget about leveling is that you are still getting gear. While it may not seem like much now, as you begin upgrading and rerolling and all that jazz, you'll notice that pool of Yellows, Blues and Greys will QUICKLY run dry. The leveling process of your 1 to 70 can help give just a little extra "Umph" to your stash for that one extra hope of cain. Not only that, but remember that legendaries do drop. Not only is that more resource, but it's a damage increase for your LoD gem and it's a potential modifier for your cube or to be worn. You're NOT wasting your time leveling, you investing in your resource pool. If you start the season at level 1, with no items, and someone powerlevels you. What now? You're level 70, no resources, no legendaries, and you still have a grind to get sets or build you LoD. This goes double if you're going LoD, AHEM THAT MEANS YOU WIZARDS AND NECROS. The 1 to 70 ensures you hit that max level with some resources and weapons to make the next series of challenges that much smoother. So bite down, put on your favorite playlist, and level.

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So what about benefits? Well, here's where my suggestion rolls into play: Run rifts. Not constantly, but do run a few rifts here and there as you level to 70. While rifts may not be the fastest method, they will net you the most resources and ensure you hit 70 with a lot of goodies in the bag already waiting. When I ran Barb last season I started a bit late(bought two weeks in) I could have asked for a PL but I went in solo. Not only did I get my might ring to drop, but both bracers along with a Gavel of Judgement dropped for me. I literally breezed through the leveling and my challenges for the set and was practically done for my builds main boosters. It's not all about speed, we have MONTHS to enjoy the season. Unless you're competing for those sets of "First achievements" take your time. It's important to take the time while leveling to make sure you smooth out the inevitable gear grind you will have to put up with to unlock your set and its corresponding build. This goes double if you can find a group to run rifts with while leveling since you'll increase rarity on drops and exp. Which makes rift leveling in groups unrivaled by all others, even if it's slower.

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By adding Pox to the equation things become even simpler. Gear no longer becomes an issue and can be swapped with what you find. Letting you focus on gems and weapon damage to help smooth out the ride. As such, if your class has a shard option you don't like or if you got your shard gamble and still have some left, go try your luck at Pox. Getting a shard multiplier plus the Pox will make things a smooth run.


Why didn't you mention Cursed Chest leveling? Cursed chest outside of Necro is not very beneficial for all solo players. I base my decisions on "time + resource" and cursed chest gives neither as well as the other options unless you're in a group environment. I suppose you can use Pox but the multiplier isn't as high as something like corpse explosion so it's meh.

Why didn't you mention Halls of Agony(Blades)? Same as above and cause I HATE it so much.

What's the easiest class(s) to level? Barb and Necro.

Who has the best gift set? Barb.

What class has the fastest key farm? Monk SW WoL

What class has the best bounty speeds? FB Wiz(Teleport and damage reduction galore)

Did they fix FB set? Yes, S-tier.

Is Tal-Rasha a good set? …… Personally, speaking? No. Explosion Tal is ok for grinding the FB set though.

Are you single? Weird question…. yes, I am.

Do you think Lillith is hot? Wtf is this. We're done here……………….

Smoldering hot.


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