Adopt a necromancer for the season start.

This is not for groups, or players who want to play purely solo.

With this being the season of the Demon Hunter, do you hate the 20 minutes it takes to reach level 12 to get Chakram? Are you lazy? And are you currently looking for a group to play with, but currently are going alone? Then it's time to adopt a necromancer.

is a mutually beneficial approach to get both of you to Level 30 within half an hour of season start.

It's really simple. Don't level up. Roll whatever item you're after if you choose to do it now, and just search for one of the following chests.

  • Cursed Spire
  • Cursed Peat
  • Cursed Bellows

The necromancer will just level solo until 10 mainly to get jewelry. At this point, they will join your game. Exit the game now. If you haven't found one of the above Cursed Chests, continue to keep looking while they get to Level 22 or above in the T6(1) game. Once they reach Level 22 or above (grabbing Kanai's Cube is a great way to get to that point), you rejoin the game and just hold it. They exit the game, create their own game, and buy from vendors the best gear they can. They also want to make sure Grasps of Essence are in their cube.

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Once set, they'll rejoin the game, and go to the cursed chest. You'll just wait by the way point collecting free XP. They'll run the chest, you two collect the rewards, and then both exit the game. They will buy the best gear they can in their own game, while you search for one of the following cursed chest bounties:

  • Cursed Spire
  • Cursed Peat
  • Cursed Bellows
  • Cursed Court
  • Cursed Cellar (exclude if you're playing hardcore)
  • Cursed Temple

Necromancer skills:

  • Corpse Explosion: Close Quarters
  • Blood Rush: Potency
  • Command Golem: Flesh Golem
  • Bone Armor: Vengeful Armaments
  • Bone Spikes: Sudden Impact
  • Bone Spear: Blighted Marrow

Necromancer Passive Skills:

  • Stand Alone
  • Commander of the Risen Dead

Once again, you wait at the waypoint, and they'll run the cursed chest. Collect the loot at the end, and be on your merry way. This approach is hardcore viable, and both you and the necromancer will be at least Level 30 around half an hour into the season.

Happy hunting.

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