All the good/bad memories about the D2 holy grail that I completed last night(long post warning)

Hey guys,

As promised, following the finding of Tyrael's Might last night, I'm sharing all the GG drops and worthy moments from the starting of my holy grail. This is going to be an extremely long post so you could jump to the table in the end if you're only after the stats.

Q: When did I start the holy grail?

A: I played D2 since I was in high school back in the early 2000s. At the time I did not know what a holy grail is and never managed to advance past normal difficulty(LOL) coz I was a shitty player. I continued playing the game on and off when I started uni and later played occassionally after I got a job. I only got to know the meaning of holy grail about a year and half ago. As someone who's deeply obssessed with collection I told myself I'm gonna seriously do it. That would be the absolute majority of the grinding times. And boy did I realize how naive I was at the time…

Q: What's my build?

A: Lightning/Cold Sorc with Shako, Tal Armour, Hoto, Spirit shield, Magefist, War Trav, Arachnid Mesh, Mara, SOJ and Raven Frost. Merc is Act 2 offensive with Andy, Infinity, Fortitude. I use Plugy so I could easiy re-spect and wear different gears according to places I farm. Items used in transition period include Peasant Crown/Oculus/Eschuta/Vipermagi etc..

Q: Where did I farm?

A: I farmed most of the items from NM/Hell Meph, before I progressed to Pits/AT/CS/WS in Hell for the super juicy ones. I actually spent a decent amount of time in Act 1 normal just to get most of TC3 as well. With hindsight this is completely unnecessary as I got all of them in Hell later on. so unless you have all the other high level items you need for the grail, do not specifically farm Act 1 normal for TC3, as by the time you find Tyrael's/Mang Song/Astreon/DWeb etc. to complete your journey, you most likely would've found all TC3.

During the first stages of grinding in level 85 areas, I farmed at a high player setting and killed all the monsters in the area. This takes significantly longer time to complete each run but I kinda enjoyed it and the extra rune drop/exp will make it nice. Later on when all that's left it Tyrael I started farming on P1 which is far more efficient when you're looking for the real GG items.

Q: Do I record all the findings like in the herokuapp?

A: I created a spreadsheet on my PC to mark the items missing after I completed about 60% of the grail. And I would delete the item from the cells once it is found. If I had known that there are great templates online I would've used that instead.

Q: How about the Cow King set?

A: I farmed normal Cow King for the boots/armour before moving onto NM Cow King for the hat. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard as I expected.

Q: What's the first big item I got?

A: Steelrends back a few years ago. At the time I did not know how rare this item is, just remembered it's a unique glove that I've never found before.

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Q: What's the last item I got to complete the grail and how long has it been?

A: Tyrael's Might as most people probably. I absolutely did not see it coming last night as it was a shitty day of RNG and I was about to cap it off when that "god bless you holy Jesus mother of human nature hallelujah" skeleton boss dropped me that precious golden text Sacred Armour. Shortly after I ID'd it I felt like everything around me in real life looks so beautiful lolol.

It has been a solid five months since I found Stormlash which is the second last item in my list. These are the hardest time as you really don't know whether you can in fact complete the grail or not. I started asking myself whether it's worthy it, if I can hold on any longer etc. without getting too devastated emotionally. I mean theoretically all it takes is one boss/champion death for that to happen but the chances OMG.

Q: The last ten items in the holy grail before it was completed?

A: Tyrael's Might, Stormlash, Gris Shield, Spirit Keeper, Bane Ash, Astreon, Cranium Basher, DWeb, Ravenlore, BK Ring.

Q: What are the craziest moments of RNG?


7 TC87 uniques/sets within 3 hours of Pindle run, including two Gris Caddies, Griff, CoA, Nat Claw, Stormspire and BK Colossal Blade.

6 TC87 uniques/sets within 2 hours of Pit run, including 3 Ghostflames, which seriously made me thinking whether RNG is truly random.

Wisp Projector & Metalgrid on a single day! WTF are the chances.

Six crappy unique items from a single sparkling chest on Pits level 2, players 7 setting. I mean..holy shit.

2 Jah runes and 1 Ber rune on the same day.

2 Zod runes within a week. It was simply jaw-dropping!

Q: What are the shitties times of grailing?

A: two days(Sat & Sun) of intensive farming with no TC87 items rolled unique/set successfully. It was the toughest time ever in the whole grail and I got so frustrated that I started questioning the whole point of this holy grail. At one moment I even told myself I'm gonna f**king search online and learn how to cheat and let the game drop me like 10 Tyrael's in a row just to compensate me for the unfair figures. I got even more upset about the number of failed rolls(more than a dozen) that I started a post on Reddit as well to vent my anger. At the end of the two day session finally the game decided to gave me a Ghostflame which kinda calmed me down.

There are so many times that I felt extremely depressed after failing to get a single TC87 unique/set item in a long session. I would then switch to a different act hoping something would change, even Pindleskin when I know it won't drop Tyrael's for me. I just felt like a change of environment after mindless grinding.

Q: Other interesting moments of the holy grail?

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A: The first big item I found off Pindle is Darkforce Spawn, I was super hyped coz I knew how rare this beauty is. And then Pindle gave me two more within the next week. I was kinda bored and saying c'mon game I want to finish the grail so give me a new item. After that Pindle never dropped me a Darkforce Spawn again, like ever…It kinda makes me think whether the game can read minds lol

I started learning all the game mechanism about a year ago and the section about failed unique/set really fascinated/bothered me. I prayed that I would never get a failed unique that's super rare like Dream Spirit. Oh well, you know what, about a week later the game dropped me a failed unique Guardian Crown which is crazy rare too. I cursed at the developers(my apologies) for the ruined RNG and did not felt like continuing this grail anymore. And boys what do you know, the very next run in the Pit, random devilkin boss on level 2 dropped me an Astreon which is my first ever. Man I simply could not believe my luck.

I was watching MrLlamaSC videos last year when I realized how he's been craving Mang Song for a while and how ridiculously rare it is(TC87 item with 1/3 chance to be selected compared to normal weapons, and with ilvl requirement of 86). A few days later I was mindlessly killing Pindle when it dropped a unique Archon Staff. I got confused coz I never saw that before and couldn't recognize what it is. And then it came to me how rare this gem is I was like wait what, isn't this the one Llama has been looking for in the past two years? holy shit what a coincidence.

The last piece of set item I got is Gris Shield. What makes this particularly worth mentioning is that I completed all other set items a long time ago. I couldn't understand why the game hasn't dropped me the shield so I started collecting every single Vortex Shield to see how many it takes for one to roll successfully. And I got bloody five failed uniques before one rolled set!!! I mean what are the chances.. And just like all classical D2 stories, the game dropped me two Gris Shields within 3 hours on that day. I still remembered I laughed hysterically at the second one.

I was farming CS one day while streaming a show online on a separate monitor one day last year. I got taken away by the show that I did not pay attention to the game. When my eyes retreated back to D2, booooom, a DWeb on the floor where the unique boss was. I was like what?! I didn't see that coming hahahaha

Pindle almost gave me a double TC87 drop in one run, but unfortunately both of them rolled failed(one failed unique Vortex Shield and a failed set Thunder Maul). That could've easily been one of the best Pindle drops in a single run but maybe the game decided that it's not my time…

A few weeks ago the game dropped me two BK Colossal Blade within 2 consecutive runs. I was joking to myself saying if it gives me one more I'm gonna start believing the Earth is flat. And 30 runs later, boom… another one hahahaha LMFAO are you kidding me seriously. Alright I guys I personally don't think the Earth is flat, not yet…

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And without further ado, let's check out the part everyone is curious about, the statistics.

During my grailing, I pick up/keep the below items.

  • ALL TC87 unique/set
  • ALL TC84/81 unique (I used to pick up sets in these TCs as well but later abandoned all as I can't be bothered to organise the stash)
  • ALL class specific unique (I love them personally:)))
  • ALL TC3 unique/set
  • ALL unique ring/amulet, but only keep SOJ/BK Ring/Wisp, Highlords/Mara/Metalgrid
  • ALL set amulet, but only keep Tal Ammi
  • ALL unique facet
  • ALL high runes (Pul onwards)
  • ALL unique Legendary Mallet/Scourge/Phase Blade, but only keep Schaefer/Stormlash/Azurewrath
  • ALL unique Dusk Shroud, I want to see if I can collect all variants of them as well(I now have 21 of the 25 needed)
  • GCs and SCs, but once I completed all 21 skillers and a decent amount of nice small charms I stopped picking them up to save time.
  • Rare gloves/boots, but soon stopped after I found some decent ones with +2 skills/20% IAS, FRW/Resist ones
  • Rare ring/amulet/jewel, and keep the good ones.
  • Rare coronet/circlet/tiara/diadem, and keep the good ones.
  • socketables.

Note: I ended up with so many high runes that I started testing different runewords and even cubing them to create Zod so the rune figures below are estimate where stated. Only rune 28 onwards are included in the stats as I can't figure out the others.







Some of the highlights:

  • 9 perfect facets;
  • 1 27% cold dmg Fathom;
  • 1 29/15%/2 CoA;
  • 1 perfect Griff, 2 * 19/14 Griffs;
  • 1 Eth Templar;
  • 1 perfect Eschuta;
  • 2 Eth Andy Visage;
  • 3 Eth Steel Carapace
  • 2 * 14% Nightwing;
  • 1 Eth Lacerator;
  • Rings with FCR/LL/all res;
  • Gloves with +2 Bow/20IAS/res;
  • Rare circlet with +2 Sorc skills/20FCR/Res.

I hope you all enjoyed my writings and thoughts and wish those who are doing holy grail as well can get the items you want sooner than later. Honestly I don't think I will be able to start another project of this magnitude ever again but will most likely check out D2R once it comes out.

Thank you for the support:)


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