Ambivalent about stats in the december update

Content of the article: "Ambivalent about stats in the december update"

Hello everyone.

I just recently read the previous update and I was a bit sceptical of their plan to tie certain skill upgrade to stats.

First let me tell that I appreciate their plans regarding stats in general. What I dislike about stats in D2 was the lack of diversity in building: There were three major ways:

*Enough Str & Dex to wear the gear and everything else in Vita *Enough Str to wear the gear, enough Dex for 75% block and rest in vita *Enough Str & Dex to wear the gear and everything else in mana for manashield

Of course there were exceptions but it was limited. There's also the issue of players having vastly different health pool if they ever try to depart from this formula. That's why I was fine with stat allocation being mostly removed in D3.

But here they've done two things: First give stats more varied effects that aren't necessarily the same on each class and feel pretty useful (depending on how itemisation will play out at least) and second, they did away with the vitality stat so that players probably won't have healthpools that aren't even in the same order of magnitude which makes balance a lot easier.

So that's for the positive, now what concerns me is the specific part about having the Whilrlwind upgrade tied to having X amount of str/dex.

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I feel like this has the potential of drastically affecting player choice with no particular gain in sight.

Let me give you an example: Imagine that Whirlwind has a starting cost that's relatively high and a medium cost per second.

Without pre-requisite, you might want to go for Str and Willpower to sustain the whirlwind indefinitely. But maybe you find a legendary that divide the upkeep cost of channelled skill by 2 and instead you decide to specialize in str+dex instead to maximise damage and crit damage. Having pre-requisite prevent us from making this choice (or lessen its impact if we can still make it minus the mandatory 250 dex)

The important thing imo is to give each skills interesting interactions with stats. For example, a skull bashing skill which cost more each consecutive time it's cast within a second but also deals more crit dmg. It interacts well with str for raw damage and you could ignore the ramping crit dmg part but you could also do a dex or dex/wsd build with that skill to profit from this upgrade and do the highest number of consecutive hits for insane crits. Having a stat restriction make certain interaction between skills or skill upgrades and legendary effects less meaningful because you've already had to make a choice to use the skill in the first place.

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So yeah, I think it's better to have skill interact in different ways with stats than to force a requirement with the direction they seem to be going in.

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