Arguments against Personal Loot

Besides my opinion that it would be a major departure from a core game mechanic, here are the biggest reasons I feel like personal loot is a bad idea for Diablo 2 Resurrected.

  1. It takes away player agency. You no longer have to even try to get loot, just follow the baal runs and get guaranteed 1/8 the loot. HRs will eventually be yours for leeching. This feels like participation trophies.

  2. It greatly benefits players who buy multiple CD keys. Every player gets guaranteed 1/8 the loot? I’ll bring in 4 boxes to leech and get half the drops! D2 just became a little more pay-to-win.

  3. It removes the sense that we are all playing in the same “world”. eg. That Shako that dropped was there for everyone and anyone could’ve grabbed it. I felt like this grounded the game in a certain realism.

  4. Say I am running public Baal runs. If I’m teleing and doing most of the carrying, I expect at least the chance to pick up all of the loot. With Personal Loot, that option is removed. I only get 1/8 of it and am automatically removed from 87.5% of the drops.

  5. Say I’m running Private Baal runs. Its easy to find a group of players who acknowledge to give me drops in exchange for the XP leeching. If they try to ninja loot I can make a new PW game and not invite them. Private loot removes this mutual agreement. Again, I would be artificially limited to 1/8 of the drops.

  6. Other methods of assignment would only harm build diversity further. Nerfing creative and experimental builds from any chance of progress.

    1. Example A). Assigning loot based on highest damage dealt? Suddenly if you want any hope of loot you better make a Hammerdin or a CS Zon.
    2. Example B). Assigning loot randomly to anyone who has damaged a mob in the past X seconds? Like above, this would greatly benefit trapsins and sorcs (any splash damage dealers) while harming melee builds like zealers, kicksins, etc. Not only stiffling build diversity, but inversely, no one would want the trapsins/sorcs/javazons in their game for getting an unfair amount of loot.
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Edit: Yes I know pickit is a thing. It has been a thing for the majority of time D2 has existed. I've never used it and it has never stopped me from finding loot or gearing my characters. If you find yourself in a game with a pickit user, leave and join a new game. If thats not good enough for you, invite people to your password/priv runs. I have dealt with the same environment as you for 20 years and for me the existence of pickit does not justify such a drastic change and the negatives outweigh the positives.

I know many people are against personal loot on grounds that it is too big of a change from the old system for a game that claims to be a "remaster", and I absolutely agree. However, I wanted to step aside from that topic and address actual downsides of implementing such a model.

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