At what cost??

I am genuinely disgusted in everything from the player base to Blizzard itself. Even you "loyal" D2 fanboys are garbage.

Diablo 2 resurrection? More like Diablo 2 distraction.

Nd I don't know what I find worse. The players, who want a remaster SO BADLY. Their willing to sell out an ENTIRE franchise for the same game prettied up.

Selling out everything a proper sequel could have been. For a quick fix, that took little cost, little effort to make.

You know why they're doing D2R? Because they (Activision) KNOWS its never going to pay homage to the people who made diablo as successful as it was, back when we all bought out D2 LoD expansion kit that came in that awesome box, with all that love and content poured into it. Not with a proper Sequel.

Not that they aren't capable. They're well passed capable. Fact is, they would rather whore the franchise out like a pimp to all these new school players who never EVER appreciated D2 for what it was, for what it accomplished and for how LONG it has been alive. Sometimes with a larger player base than the newest installment.

Nd they know what their doing. That's why they give you D2R that's why they remastered MW when IW got tons of HATE. They know they can get you excited and play you like a fool.

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Nd the sad part is you let them! YOU are Marius.

So your gonna ignore this post, give in to the hype spend 30-40 bucks on this game it took no time to create. Its not like they had to create it from scratch! Sure they had to modernize it. Oh a tad bit of real challenge? OH GOD!.. Like there isn't tons of concept art, and a very alive game to go off of. Your money ISNT going to a publisher who are passionate about this game. It isn't even going to a publisher who is loyal to what made them.

Its going to people who use you and discard you at cheap cost to further its own agenda of raping a franchise for all its worth. To abandon you in your little game of old while they go on to cater to a completely different crowd.

You think D4 is gonna be anything short of a disappointment? I can tell you right now, they drew more inspiration from their main competitor, PoE than they did from the original games. Its not about maintaining what diablo is, its about whoring it out as far and wide as possible.

Nd that 30-40 dollars for D2R. That helps them get away with doing it and saving face.

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Don't be a Marius. The world is FULL of these people. BE A TYRIAL.

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