BK Set Frenzy Barbarian

STEALING THE FORMAT: I like this guide format. Logical and to the point. I am not whatshisname. I am thedogman. Anything I felt needed changing was changed. Otherwise, yeah, stolen shamelessly with credit given to whatshisname because if I use his name you get banned or something.


This guide is a work in progress. All quests completed at character level 85. Working towards final BiS items as described in the guide. YOU DO NOT NEED THE “best of the best” to effectively clear all main content. I will be covering UBERS later. I strongly feel there is a gear change needed for them and I have not gotten to it yet. You can literally hold RMB and afk hell baal with my current set up. Minus Lister. F*#$ him.

Is this build difficult to start out as?

Yes most physical Melee builds have an extremely hard time breaking out of nightmare into hell game content as they become gated by late game runewords (OR BIG BOY WEAPONS…) that scale their damage. I always advise you start off as a caster and farm 1 or 2 high runes before trying a physical class. Or don’t, there are BDSM clubs you can join. The build really takes off when you get the BK set, so punish yourself as your please.

How good is this build compared to Whirlwind?

WW is untested in comparison. So is wolf. Both are memes IMO. I never enjoyed them. WE ARE HERE TO SMACK THINGS NOT SPIN IN CIRCLES.

How do I play this build?

You put frenzy on your RMB, and hold that down until something drops that you want to pick up, or you get mana burned. When you run out of mana, you use LMB to double swing and get it all back. That’s really it. Use Battle Cry to lower defense on mobs you suck at hitting. Not hitting means not leeching which means dead barbarian. Grim ward maybe? I barely use it. Only useful for big stacks of physical immunes to make them all take pulv/melee splash damage.

Note: Be sure to cast Battle Command before Battle Orders or Shout as it will increase their efficiency. Because you didn’t play Diablo 2 before I had to remind you.


· 1.) Viability

· 2.) Early Ladder Setup

· 3.) End Game Setup

· 5.) Skill and Stat Allocation

· 6.) Corruptions, Enchant, Charm Setup, Maxing Resists

· 7.) Barbarian Hit Recovery and Attack Speed Breakpoints

· 8.) Where do I farm?

· 9.) How to level as a Barbarian

· 10.) Recommended Uber Gear Setup / How to Open Uber Portals

1.) Viability

· Can I level as this build?: Yes, I did it SSF until I hit a wall. Google BDSM/FEMDOM and it will simulate ladder start. Your balls will be kicked.

· Early Ladder Viable: Yes (ish)

· End Game Viable: Yes

· Hardcore Viable: Not tested. I wouldn’t do it, there are safer barb builds. Your biggest defense is life leech. Not helpful for hardcore.

· Uber Trist Viable: Probably. Untested, will test within a week or so.

· Uber Diablo Clone Viable: Probably. Might test this pending uber trist test.


2.) Early Ladder Setup

  • Helmet: Search for any helmet with resists. Easiest slot to find something not total crap that you can slap a Melee splash in.
  • Chest: HAWKMAIL: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Hawkmail the resists suck but Cannot Be Frozen is a goddamn game changer. Look to upgrade to Duriels Shell https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Duriel%27s_Shell for the very same reason. Cheaper than Raven Frost, has resists, life, strength. Can be socketed with a lucky slam. Mine was CnC. Same with Duriels, which is a solid upgrade for poorness.
  • Main Hand Weapon: Billion options here. Whatever you find.
  • Off Hand Weapon: Same deal. Whatever you find.
  • Boots: Look for resists in your boots as this build has no shield.
  • Gloves: Any gloves with resist and if possible attack speed.
  • Amulet: Any amulet with Life, Resists or + skills or if you have max resists use Angelic Wing's Amulet: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Angelic_Wings
  • Rings: LIFESTEAL. Any rings with resists and if possible look for stats such as life, min dmg, max dmg, attack rating, stats. BUT MOSTLY LIFESTEAL AND AR. If you have max resists use one or two Angelic Halo Rings: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Angelic_Halo

Act 5 Mercenary

· Any gear with resists and any budget weapon you can find will be more than good. Hes your buddy, take care of him.

A NOTE ABOUT LOWER LEVEL GEARING: The most important stats as you level are Lifesteal, AR, and resists. Seriously. You might be killing slower, but if you are hitting and sustaining, you will be doing alright. Big damage boosts will happen when you get new weapons. I can’t stress enough the impact big lifesteal has on your sustain. It is the difference between swinging around in the middle of the mosh pit while a bunch of limp wrists try to take you down unsuccessfully, and being dragged onto the floor to be stomped on.

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3.) End Game Setup #1 – Bul-Kathos set up for ignoring decrepify and holy freeze at the same time

· Helmet: 1-3 Socket Arreat's Face: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Arreat%27s_Face

· Note: Fill the sockets with some combination of melee splash, Enhanced Damaged, and Attack Speed. I have a larzuk’d arreats at the moment. More sockets is better. Do what you can afford.

· Chest: Fortitude, Chains of Honor, Treachery, Leviathan, Gladiators bane, Duriel’s shell. I will let you do you own comparison as to what you prefer. The non-runewords give you less damage but more options for sockets, making them very versatile. The runewords offer the most damage, with Fortitude being my current armor. CoH and Treach may be close seconds. There are other options for this gear slot as well, it is really just up to what the player prefers.

· Belt: String of Ears for lifesteal and some fat PDR (My preference): http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/String_of_Ears_(Diablo_II))

· Boots: Gore Riders for pure damage: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Gore_Rider

· War Travelers for magic find: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/War_Traveler

· Aldurs for resists I guess? Gores are tied with war trav, totally your preference. I use Gores.

· Gloves: Laying of Hands: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Laying_of_Hands

· Or Soul Drainers. Dracs works too, but I find it is less consistent than I would like. I will test all gloves at ubers to see what may be best.

· Amulet: Highlord's Wrath: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Highlord%27s_Wrath

· Ring 1: Carrion Wind https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Carrion_Wind : This ring is awesome for us. We attack so fast that the twisters proc all of the time, which doesn’t do a ton of damage but hits non-boss mobs with a stutter-stun, which means we stay alive better. Great defensive stats, and 9% lifesteal. Highly underrated ring.

· Ring 2 option 1: Raven Frost to get us some AR and CBF: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Raven_Frost

· Ring 2 option 2: If you are not using FORT, CoH, or Leviathan and went with Gladiators bane or stayed with Duriels shell, you can plop a fat crafted ring here with dual leech and whatever other stats you like.

· Regardless, YOU NEED CANNOT BE FROZEN. If its on armor, cool. If not, Ravens. Or cham your helmet if you have multiple sockets. Your rings are dictated by this. You need *some* mana steal, so ring is best unless you want to socket a Pskull in one of your swords. Also, F%$# Wisp Projector. It is very nice. It is untested in this set up. I just do not like the item. It is STRONG, with the HoW charges and 10% all dmg, but prohibitively expensive. I would prefer not to post as a BiS type of item.

· You are an adult who can do math and see things, look at the things that are important and make trades/sacrifices/overcaps where you see fit. It’s a goddamn video game. Play it, don’t let it or me writing play you.

· WEAPONS: BK Set: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Bul-Kathos%27_Children. You are dual wielding this set for FREEEEEENZY. The changes to the tribal guardian are awesome. You want to try to find the highest roll you can for the +frenzy duration stat, then corrupt for max sockets. For the Main Hand weapon, the Sacred Charge, you want 6 sockets. Or as many as you can get. What do we put in these sockets? There are a ton of options, but I think the best would be ~30% enhanced damaged/15 increased attack speed on both. By stacking attack speed, we hit max frenzy stacks faster, which the Tribal Guardian buffs with 30 magic dmg per stack. At level 40, frenzy has 40 stacks. So you deal 1200 magic damage per swing, which turns physical immunes into any other mob. You don’t even need to release RMB. Once the first one in a pack drops, pop a Grim Ward, the rest will fall like paper.

· Also, regarding attack speed stacking: because of frenzy giving bonuses to attack speed and movement speed, you can literally get decrepified and hit with holy freeze aura…and continue on at almost the same speed. It is a really nice feeling for the build. If you socket all slots with 15% jewels, you will still attack 3.5 times a second while decrepified, 3.8 times a second while holy frozen, and 2.6 times a second while both are on you. The attack speed calculator is located here https://mmmpld.github.io/pod-attack-calc/ . Feel free to play around with some of the breakpoints to plug and play around. There is a LOT of space to customize what you socket with this build.

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· I am currently rocking a Pskull and 3 IAS jewels, no ED in the Big Sword. The Tribal Guardian has 1 socket at 15IAS (socket from larzuk) and was corrupted for 11% IAS. It is very nice. As spoken above, the BiS values are probably up for debate or spot on. I would like to generate more discussion on this, I.E. Do we do ED/ias jewels and ohms or Lo’s or whatever. Just do what you feel you need.

Act 5 Mercenary

· Weapon: Lawbringer Runeword: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Lawbringer_Rune_Word

· Helmet: Steelshade: https://pathofdiablo.com/wiki/index.php?title=Uniques#Steel_Shade Or Vampire Gaze: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Vampire_Gaze

· Chest: Two options one is more affordable than the other:

· Fortitude Runeword: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Fortitude_Rune_Word

· Super Expensive Option: Corrupted 4 Socket Shaftstop with 4x 25-40% Enhanced damage and 15% increased attack speed jewels http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Shaftstop

Alternatively, whatever you can afford. He is your little brother, be nice to him. His aura is dope and makes you hit harder. Regarding his weapon: lawbringer is nice, but decrep will almost never proc in my experience. Most of the time you will rightclick->endprocess every monster you come across before he gets to proc this, other than bosses. An untested option would be Silence or Plague, you would lose the sanctuary aura and damage to undead, but gain heavily shortened poison and curse times, which is nice for maps. Again, player preference. There is not really a correct answer there.

4.) Skill and Stat Allocation

· 20 Points Frenzy

· 20 Points Edged Weapon Mastery

· 20 Points Double Swing

· 20 Points Pulverize

· 1 Point Counter Attack

· 1 Point Puncture

· 1 Point Battle Orders

· 1 Point Battle Command

· 1 Point Shout

· 1 Point Iron Skin

· 1 Point Increased Stamina

· 1 Point Natural Resist

· 1 Point Increased Speed

· 1 Point Find Item

· 1 Point Grim Ward

· 1 Point Howl

· 1 Point Taunt

· 1 Point Battle Cry

· Everything extra goes into War Cry

We only need Double Swing to complement Frenzy, we do not need the other synergies. Edge Weapon is a huge boost to damage and AR. The last max skill is Pulverize. The damage at level 20 is lack luster at first glance. What you need to understand is that you will be swinging and potentially hitting with an attack of some kind 10 times a second. With standard +skills, as well as dumping spare points in War Cry, the damage will jump to a respectable 400-500 average damage. Its like a weird AOE melee splash that is surprisingly strong as hell against bosses.

Battle cry is a nice 1 point wonder, makes monsters easier to smack. Very nice for bosses.

So how does this work? The key here is the fast attack speed. The more times you hit, the more chance you have to proc the BK Tribal Guardian “FREE BIG SWORD ATTACK” and the more chances you have to proc Pulverize. Best results would be none of your 5 attacks miss, all 5 proc BK free swing, and all 10 swings proc pulverize. On packs, combined with melee splash, its fantastic. On bosses, it’s equally good. That free main hand attack can proc all the standard fare of procs, like crit from Edge weapon, Deadly strike, Open wounds, Crushing blow…etc. With this set up you will see really nasty bursts of heavy damage coupled with a baseline of consistent leech. Its really fun to play.

Stat Allocation

A lot of builds out there like to Strength bug to equip gear. I do not. If you have ever died and gotten annoyed trying to reequip your gear from a dead body like a jenga puzzle, you strength glitched your gear on. I hate that. If you baseline your main stats (or even just undercut them by what your charms can support) you will not have this issue. The build at level 84 is sitting at 1600 life after BO. That is with crappy charms and not having all the BIS items it could have. With the amount of leech we run (22-30% if you are using CoH), it is very hard to get 1 shot or killed. Again, player preference here.


5.) Corruptions, Charm Setup, Maxing Resists

Best In Slot Corruptions

· Helmet: 3 sockets

· Necklace: +1 All Skills

· Ring: Physical Damage taken reduced by 5-6% ßHave fun chasing this currency sink

· Belt: Any

· Gloves: Life on Hit. SUPER strong on this build. OH I CANT LEECH YOU???? TOO BAD, YOU DON’T HIT HARD ENOUGH FOR ME TO CARE, MY HP IS FULL.

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· Boots: All resist 5-10% or Dex for AR. You will not need the all res. Really. You wont.

· Weapons: SOCKETS!!!

Charm Setup

· 1x Hell fire torch ßjust got one, works as advertised

· 1x Anni ß don’t have this either, but is icing on the cake rather than “needed”

· 8 or 9 (8 If you want gheeds) Barb Combat Skillers. We stack these to increase the number of total frenzy stacks. Im still filling out the rest of my skillers. I roll with Gheeds. Which means to hit 40 Frenzy skill level, you need a +1 roll on your Highlords. This isn’t necessary, AND I DON’T HAVE IT. But if you want clean numbers, just shoot for 40ish to Frenzy skill levels.

· Get enough Faster Hit Recovery on your charms to reach 48%. ***This is important and will keep you alive***. You have 30 on your helmet, so 4 SCs @ 5FHR a piece will do. Or 2x 1Combat/12FHR skillers. More expensive but not really. Just do the skillers unless you have lifers.

· The rest of the space: whatever you want. Doesn’t matter. Life as a secondary mod is always good. From gear the gear set up above, even without torch+anni, you should have maxed resists. The only ones that go below max when I get slapped with conviction is cold and lightning. 3/20/20s are expensive, just fill with LIFE/AR/DAMAGE in that order. Again, personal opinion.

6.) Barbarian Hit Recovery and Attack Speed Breakpoints

Barbarian Faster Hit Recovery Frames

0% 9

7% 8

15% 7

27% 6

48% 5 <– I recommend hitting this breakpoint. You NEED THIS BP. The next one is impossible to hit without shitting on the build or chasing skillers. If you are not using Fort/CoH, you may have more FHR, making the next BP easier to hit. Play around, see what works for you.

86% 4

Barbarian Increased Attack Speed Breakpoints

https://mmmpld.github.io/pod-attack-calc/. You don’t NEED to stack IAS like I do. I just like ignoring debilitating debuffs. Just figure that the more AS you have, the more you hit, regardless of missing. Which means more stacks from the Tribal Guardian. Which means more damage. OH IM DECREPIFIED? F%#@ off. Have a punch in the nose 5 times a second. You are an adult, play how you want. I wont tell you what to do.


7.) Where do I farm?

Whatever you want. With the caveat that the same problem enemies can be problems to you. Namely, a turbo horde of gloams/witches in WSK, those goddamn dolls that explode, and probably the most dangerous encounter is Fast physical immunes or the dreaded but rare phys+magic immune. Just like every other build in the game, some monsters spawn with some bullshit mods on them and you can do the D2 pro-gamer move of SKIPPING them. Worst pack to deal with is LISTER and his minions in Throne of Destruction, they can and will lock you in FHR animation. Just spread them out and hit and run to make them trivial. It’s the only “expected pack” that can give you trouble.

I took this build into Icy caverns with 20% reduced speed debuff. Did fine, until I ran into the cow monsters with their own frenzy buffed with the fast mod. This is the ANTI MELEE mod. Can make carvers into problems. Just be cautious and you can map with the build. IT WILL NOT BE BOWA/META fast though. There may be better maps for the build, I haven’t tested them all.


8.) How to level as a Barbarian

Follow the above skillplan, and try to find items that fit the build. Cannot be frozen is a game changer as you level. And like I said above, melee splash, life leech, attack rating. I did this character SSF for the most part, if you are twinking it will be an easier time.


9.) Recommended Uber Gear Setup-I have not completed UBERS with this character yet.

Source: reddit.com

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