Build draft/discussion, Bowpala – The Widowmaker II

Hi all,

you may remember my guide for The Widowmaker – Bowsin (to be updated for current patch). In search for a new and fun build i had an idea that i'd like to share with you while we wait for reset.

I would have liked to test and present it as a guide as well, but since i just recently started the ladder and may not have the time (and trade opportunities) to get all the gear until reset i decided to pitch you guys they main idea so we can discuss together and maybe one of you can try it out.

The concept is similar to the bowsin: attacking with magic arrow (mobs) and Guided arrow (single target). Thanks to Moonfire arrows and >100 dex bonus, Magic arrow will shoot 5 arrows. Doesn't sound much, but if 3 Arrows were viable for the Sin before the dex bonus was inreoduced i'm sure it's enough to have fun.

The difference: Instead of Venom as main dmg source, the Pala uses Holy Shock (Dream helmet) and Holy Fire (Dragon Armor). Additionally there is some phys dmg for sustain, lvl 15 venom from Dragon as well as lots of low-dmg Hydras – also casted on strike from the armor. Supported by a high Conviction Aura there should be no problems with immunes and of course the dmg is highly boosted.

Skills would look something like this:

20 Conviction (Main Aura)

20 Salvation (Synergy)

20 Resist Lightning (Synergy)

20 Resist Fire (Synergy)

If the Pala reaches high lvls and by that gets access to his full skillpoint-potential you could even get conviction from your merc and instead of that max Holy Frost (main aura) and its synergy for total elemental madness. Since the frost aura would even be maxed out, its dmg would not so much suffer from a lower lvl as the other two.

Equip is more or less self explanitory: Widowmaker, Moonfire, Dream, Dragon are manditory. Widowmaker the only room for sockets through corruption. The IAS cap for 9fps (max for Pala) is 125 what should be easy to realize – 30gloves, 10 belt (or 40 from corrupted death gloves+belt for cnbf and leech),20 from amu, maybe 10 from arrow corruption and the rest from shael+jewel in the bow. the other sockets can get you what is missing (like leech or whatever). Facets are good, but the -res will be redundant if play with conviction as your main aura. Wisp for nice dmg, maybe buls ring for +1skill (auras!).

Charms should be off skillers if holy frost is lvled. IIRC skillers don't work for auras given by items or does this only count for other classes who don't have access to these skills naturally? I hope somebody can answer this because i lack the funds to test it. +all skills work but there is not much room for them. "Only" +2 amu (highlord+corrupt), 1-2 from ring, 1 from anni, 1 from cta-cry.

There is more it i guess but this has already gotten way too long for just a draft so i'll be silent and listen what you have to say. Just a note: My intention is not to build a char that clears high dens maps faster than everybody else, i know he won't even if i think, if geared right this build will be more than viable in most scenarios outside ubers/clone based from my experience with the bowsin.


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