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Hello all,

This is fearedbliss, creator of Cactus (A Modern Diablo II Version Switcher), Singling, Succulent, Alpaca, and the MPQ Fixer.

I hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times, and that everyone's families are safe and sound.

I wanted to take the opportunity to announce a new initiative that I hope will bring more happiness to everyone by playing some Diablo II Single Player or Diablo II on LAN. Primarily, most of you know Cactus to facilitate the ability for people to Time Travel, that is to say, to easily allow anyone to switch between any version of Diablo II that has ever come out (without requiring the CD as well!). I want to expand this foundation to create a simple and open network on Discord that anyone can join, in order to facilitate people that are primarily Diablo II Single Player people (including the people that do not want to depend on a company creating an online-only ecosystem and would prefer to play on LAN if anything) to find each other.

There are many different people in our community with a lot of different play styles. Things ranging from not using any mods at all to the game, to people who play completely different mod implementations of the game, to people in between that maybe are ok with PlugY, Loot Filters, etc. There are also people that perhaps don't want to LAN with others but instead would like to separately play Single Player themselves, but have other people to talk to while they are both having their own parallel adventures. No matter what your preference is, I hope Cactus can provide a way for people to discover each other easily for whatever version or preferences you have.

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In terms of multiplayer, I will leave that up to you guys. If you want to use your own VPN solutions, feel free to do so, or if you want to open up your ports, that is fine as well. I've recently been reading about "Nebula" which for our purposes, we could use it to create a software-defined LAN network easily. I used to use Tinc before and I'm a current Wireguard user, so I do like the concepts of Nebula. I most likely will make a closed network and have some of my friends join it in order to play some LAN Diablo II, however I mention Nebula to everyone since I think in order to have a safer community, it would be better for people that find each other through Cactus, and that agree with each other's vision of how to play Diablo II, to gather in your own private clusters and start up those connections through whatever method you prefer, ultimately, creating a safer and decentralized single player network.

I hope this all becomes useful to everyone!

Stay safe,

– fearedbliss

PS: Cactus Discord

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