Clarifications and Reset Talk

Okay since i'm getting a lot of DMs again about a ladder reset and theres been a lot of reddit threads too, I think its time I make a post to give some clarifications.

People speculate a lot but I never gave anyone an exact month or date. I did say that it should be around Early 2021 and we are still in early 2021. I never promised it would be January. I don't know why this rumour is going around. I think sometimes people misremember speculation. Please stop false rumours. No one knows the date right now, not even me.

Theres a lot of stuff at play. One of it is Path of Exile. I know some of you exclusively play Diablo II, and you want the reset now but you do need to accept that Path of Diablo was literally named as such because it was a server we started to play PoE and D2 back and forth, alternating resets with them. Also a large amount of our playerbase is from PoE which means a launch without them would result in way less people to play with and trade with. Also PoE Streamers will stick to poe while that's hot and streamers are a big part about how people hear about us. Path of Exile was set to reset in December but they delayed it due to Cyberpunk and Christmas so that impacted us a lot.

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There is also my personal situation: I know you guys want 4 month resets and in my last dev vlog I said I would work towards that goal by adding ads on the trade site to try and support myself to quit my day job. I do still plan to quit my day job and go back home to Canada due family health issues. Because I wanted to finish my work in Taiwan and give time for my boss to find a replacement, I knew this transition wouldn't happen until early 2021. Once I am full time, we can change the ladder duration. Until then patience is required.

One thing I might try to alleviate the wait for people, is to have the PTR be earlier than the reset. I'd like to get some stuff out into the PTR somewhere in february so that the new content can be tested for bugs and ppl can get some d2 action. Afterwards we can find a date for the season start.

I also want to explain that even though there haven't been any announcements, it doesn't mean we aren't working hard towards next season. We just have nothing to announce thats all. Every day I am working on PoD and so is our team. We have improvements coming for various aspects of the mod and really utilizing help from incredible people. I am really excited to show you guys the patch notes when they are ready. I don't want to spoil anything because I want the announcement to blow you away so please remain patient.

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Thanks everyone for your support. I do understand that the frustration coming from waiting is really because of how passionate you all are and your eagerness to play.

edit: removed a paragraph about getting dms about reset

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