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Hello Everyone,

since we dont have much friends playing diablo I decided to share our experience farming those two things this weekend with you guys and maybe someone can get one or two things from us.

On saturday a friend and me decided to farm for cosmic wings. We knew this could be draining and we even tried this a few times (back when you could farm upper realm of cursed fate) plus the few rainbow gobs that you encounter while doing bounties. We both ran as GoD Dhs with a speed build (if interested I can post that later). After some research on youtube and written guides we decided on a route to get that Princess Lilian:

Act 1

Southern Highlands -> Cave of Moonclan

Nothern Highlands -> Leorics Hunting Ground

Cathedral level 2 -> Leorics Passage

Royal Crypts

The Weeping Hollow

Act 2

Ancient Waterways -> Eastern + Western Channel Level 1+2

City of Caldeum -> straight into the sewers

Act 3

The Bridge of Korsikk -> Search for the Frost Cave not the Ice one

Rakkis Crossing

The Core of Arreat

Tower of the Damned 1+2

Tower of the Cursed 1+2

Act 4

skipped entirely

Act 5

Pandemonium Foretress 1+2 (if you get a Goblin here there is a guaranteed second one on the map)

With this route we netted 5-10 goblins (average around 7) in 6-7min per game. We both were in the same game and split the areas so we didnt have to pay attention when we accidently killed the gob (as you can only enter Whimsydale if the gob is killed and you are in the game). Torment level doesnt matter but we ran on T6.

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Saturday we got in around 4.5 hours 12 rainbow gobs and on sunday in around 2.5 hours 8 rainbow gobs and on the last one we got the cosmic wings.

Id say we were pretty lucky if I consider that I maybe encountered around 50 gobs lifetime. Our luckiest streak were 5 rainbow gobs 5 games in a row in between a 1.5 hour drought.

After that we decided to test our luck and try for Sir William in Whimsyshire for the portrait aswell.

We already had Staff of Herding and over 2.5 hours we averaged 80 to 90 second runs (open game, open whimsyshire, clear whimsyshire, close game). We didnt count the runs but with the overall time and our average it mustve been around 100 and we had the portrait aswell.

I guess we were really lucky with the Cosmic Wings as we knew it could take 100-150 hours and the portrait was just a numbers game for us.

So I hope that my post maybe helped someone finding one of the two things yourself and remember to join cosmetic farming communitys, if you farm those things alone it can be really draining and its about the social experience aswell.

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