Critical Hits in Diablo 4

The emphasis on Crit Chance and Crit damage on the items in the quarterly updates left a lot of people with some worries about D4 itemization.

Crit Chance/Damage were seriously undervalued as item mods in Diablo 3. Critical Hit is an extremely powerful mechanic, and it’s very easy to improperly scale crit chance and crit damage item mods, and cause every melee/physical build to require maximum CC/CD values on all possible items and ruin build diversity. I believe the key to controlling CC/CD scaling and powercreep is to treat them both as the powerful and valuable item affixes that they are.

In Diablo 3, you could roll both CD/CC on most item types, and either CC or CD by themselves on others. The only item types you couldnt roll them on was boots, pants, and chest. In Diablo 2, Deadly Strike (Critical hit chance with crit damage locked at 200%) was an item affix that only appeared on certain unique and runeword items. Although it was a very powerful affix, it did not overpower other item affixes because it was one of the most rare item affixes in the game.

Ideally, in Diablo 4, CC and CD should not be able to both roll on the same item, and they should have a limited number of item types that they can roll on. In addition, rare items should roll lower CC/CD values, with specific legendary items rolling higher CC/CD values. I think, this way, critical hits can be controlled and not cause every item that doesn’t roll it to be Vendor snacks.

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