D2:R Brings 2 brother back together again after 15 years.

Just had a really cool moment with my older brother. He's an OG gamer, he's the one that got me into gaming as a kid. I'd sit behind him and happily watch for hours as he played StarCraft, Diablo 2, AoE2 etc. ESPECIALLY Diablo 2. It was both our favorite game and we played it for thousands of hours between 2000 and 2006 until he moved out of home.

At around 19 he found himself a father earlier than expected, right as he was starting collage, his gf in her last year of high school, thrown into adult life, it was a struggle for survival, i remember those first few years being really hard for him. He stopped gaming and focused on study, Career, family, adult life etc. He hasn't gamed in like 15 years? Hasn't even seen let alone played Diablo 3 or any modern arpg or any game.

I moved back into the country due to covid after years away, we have only seen each other a few times since I've been back. Today he popped in for an unexpected visit because he was in the area (even though he lives an hour away), He walks in and I'm playing Diablo 2:R. Before he came into the room i quickly changed it to legacy mode. He hasn't kept up with any gaming news and doesn't know about Resurrected. He walks in, see's me playing D2 and starts laughing "omg are you for real?" We talk for a bit about builds and memories and he wanted to check out my character.

Then i hit him with it. I went to Act 1, stood in the middle of town and said "watch this". Pressed G and he just stood there in shock. His eyes went wide, he leaned over and put is face like right in front of the screen to just absorb it all in. He was like "is this a mod?… wait, is THIS D3? what is this" Then i explain that they remaster D2, he's like "Get off, I'm making a barb" I was kinda taken aback for a moment that i was getting kicked off my own PC at 30 years old haha but at the same time i was over the moon that he wanted to play, i thought that spark had long gone out in him…. the legend had returned!

I am legit hit with the biggest feels of nostalgia, more so than when i logged in and heard the music for the first time in years or got into game and heard Warriv say "Greetings stranger". Here i am at 30 years old getting kicked of the PC by my older brother so he can play D2. I sit down on my bed behind him and watch over his shoulder as he makes a barb and logs in. Just like old times. He plays for about an hour while i just watch and we chat. He's like "omg its so good, so addicting!".

After the 1st hour he says "I should go". After the 2nd hour, then the 3rd and finally after 4 hours he says in anguish "arrgggh i gotta go, Don't delete my character". He honestly contemplating about staying the night haha. I told him i would install the game on my laptop and bring it over to his house tomorrow so he can play it at home, he legit bear hugs me.

So tonight my task is to reset my old laptop (old like 2018, it can run D2:R just fine). Gotta download and install the b.net launcher then download D2:R and makes sure its working. I'm gonna buy him the game as a secret gift. I'll take the laptop over tomorrow and tomorrow night we are gonna make some hardcore characters and are gonna destroy this game.

tbh, I almost feel like crying, You might think its stupid or dramatic but when life hit my brother like a truck it changed him, it changed our friendship too. We both used to be into the same games, music comics, playing guitar and all the same stuff. Then suddenly he had to become an adult and just fight to survive. There's an 8 year gap between us and i felt like i lost my brother and gained an uncle or something instead. Today while sitting and playing and talking for those 4 hours i felt for the first time in a looong time i felt that connection we used to have.

Don't get me wrong, its not like we stopped getting along in the last 15 years, we get along really well but with both of us becoming adults and having families/careers, moving to different cities and even countries over the years, we rarely get to spend time together and when we do its at family dinners etc and mostly the conversation revolves work or our kids, politics etc. So many times I've wanted to talk to him about gaming stuff so we can nerd out about it together and be excited but over the years i felt like he just wasn't into it anymore. I remember his reaction to blizzard making/releasing D3 was super deflating for me.

But today i saw that fire in him again, the light in his eyes, the desire to slay demons! He was doing all the same stuff like repeating the voice lines, or making the barb shout noises etc haha. Both of us are really looking forward to tomorrow, I never got to play online as a kid because we never had reliable internet, my brother did at his friends house etc, we never got the chance to play TOGETHER. But tomorrow, we will vanquish the demons of hell side by side as brothers! Him on his Barb and me on my Pala, same names from 20 years ago.

God i love this game.

P.S My brother noticed that i had named my barbarian after his barb from the early 2000's, My brother was way better than me, i was a total noob, and to me, my brothers barb was the pinnacle of bad-assery. He was also hit with nostalgia as he had forgotten that name but remembered it when he saw the character. I told him i would give him the name, i have another barb similar level so i can just move the gear over.


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