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So, my thoughts and prayers on remaining classes are paladin and hunter (+ necro on the first expansion) Why, u may ask? So in my opinion paladin will be included on vanilla d4 because of couple of reasons: 1. No shield class – there have to be 1 class that utilize sword and board playstyle. 2. There is no other pure melee class except barbarian (ofcourse some playstyles of other classes will be playable melee too but i ment proper melee) + barb is rather light armored and i want a full plate badass 3. No holy flavor on other classes – i think it will fit perfectly in D4 – think of fanatic guy almost without hope, one of last of his kind (desperate and dark paladin not a boring rightfull good guy in golden armor) 4. Nostalgic

Hunter: 1. New strongly flavored rogue – i think that assassin and demon Hunter are too specialized and not so strongly rooted in fantasy popculture (think of strider from LOTR – wouldnt it be awesome?!) 2. Alternative for Amazon – lets be honest male Amazon would suck and she doesent fit the d4 atmosphere (female greek wisdom fighter?) and hunter can use any of her wepon and more: bow, xbow, knifes, machetes/falchions, spears/polearms, axes(only one handed) and shields (in a way) 3. Ranger character that Can be something more than stelthy archer – make him use three branches and let players blend between them: melee, ranged and traps/stealth; so he can cover lots of fantasies (ex. Melee + traps = assassin, melee + range = ranger (again aragorn lotr 1) range + traps = Huntsman

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Necro (1st expansion): 1. Nostalgic 2. Free money for devs as he is probably fans favourite (alongside barb), everyone wants necro as playable character 3. Lack of proper pet class (lets face it, druid isn't and can't be summoner) But make him that ppl who dont like pets not have to go into summoning (make f.ex. 3 branches – bones, blood and posisons/debuff and that every branch has its summons (bones-skellies, blood-golems, poison-posion bats))

Bonus: warlock (2nd expansion): 1. New flavor, blend between warrior and mage archetype (basically magic enchanced mele edgy warrior) 2. Make him use non elemental magic like telecinesis and mind control to distinguis from other spellcasters (psyker type of mage)

So here was my ideas, what do you think? Please share yours. Thanks

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