D4 Ideas “Camp Fire for Resting”

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Camp Fire for resting for perks/bonus's

This is a throwback to older style RPG’s like Golden Axe and many more. Camping, where when we are on an adventure, we can set up camp, rest for a while, the camera can pan down into the camp area where our party relaxes. It will heal us, give us a buff temporarily, and perhaps reset some skills or respawn creature when you break camp. I know, this is an ARPG, it doesn’t sound like it would fit, but for role-players and if mechanics are done right or we can think of other uses, it could be a cool added feature. I’ve always loved camping in a game, like Final Fantasy 15 or Dragon Age, we used it to cook and show our characters and party (if we play coop) and makes for cool screenshots. Also, it would be a good way to introduce some cool special events, like goblins coming into your camp and taking your stuff or a dream state that may start a new questline. Food for thought is all this is.

Think of it kinda like this, from discussion below;

"I think it may be good even for a quick night n day transition with a little scene showing them setting it up or quick little scene sitting around it like on the character select screen. Then we could maybe craft, repair, or junk things if need be before exiting n back into the game."

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"The time of day transition is a great idea actually. It could work as an alternative way to the "quitting & reload" process many of us do in these games just to get fresh spawns. The camp can only function in particular spaces of the map (to prevent glitching) and the passage of time yields respawns of mobs that are different for day and night cycles. There could also be a chance for your rest to be disrupted by enemy attacks, like you mentioned.

Yeah with some clever though this could work without taking detracting from the experience."

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