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Content of the article: "Dear diablo 2 community"

Hello diablo 2 community this is my first time posting in here. I have to share something with u all related to LK runs.

usually i get Sur runes not that very often from LK i may have done around 500-800 runs of LK from yesterday till now and i have found 6 sur runes from LK less than 1k runs UNEXPECTEDLY.

this is first time happening to me i dont know how to describe it i still have that map.

i have found vex different Highrune from LK after 6 sur runes few mins ago. during these 1k runs LK i almost.

this was on first run of LK


from this onwards i havent counted on what exact run i have found this drop below as well as above drops below it.




now these drops above were from yesterday i did 6 hours of LK and my avg runs were 16-17 second LK run. ( bad mouse )

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now today i was expecting not to see a dat spectific rune drop but they are still keep coming when its gonna end??



now i was happy to find this!!!


i still cant breathe how i have found 6 surs during 9-10 hours 3 hours of LK done today

i was doing LK to farm for 1 Lo or 2 ohms to cube up to Lo, 2 vexes, 1 gul rune.

i am not using any drop mod and i dislike using it. many people texted me to keep this map and not reroll it.

i want to hear ur thoughts,opinions on this one thank you!!!

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