Deletion after 15 years.

Content of the article: "Deletion after 15 years."

Out of all of my lifetime . I have been the biggest D2 nerd I know of. All time. (Myself) lol. While I find myself from time to time I find myself logging back into my diablo 2 account . UsEast Closed battle.net. Softcore. Non ladder. Because I don't play the game anymore like it was used to when the Diablo servers where actually working and people where shining during these golden days. I truly miss these days. Some of the best times I've had in my life playing a simple video game . Imagine that lol. I'm over at my brother's and notice he's playing D2 . Yo leme log in check mines . It's been quit sometime since I've checked them in. Out of one of these past years of playing D2 I assume there was a update where after the 9 days your toon is sapose to be deleted if not played on. Well all my toons where just under 99 . And they would always say expired couse after so long of wanting to check my account out and check it in. I was always still able to un expire my toons. Well within the most recent 2 hours of tonight . I logged into my account to check my account out . I get your battle.net account has been deleted. Whattt in the fuck is going on right now with Diablo servers . For over 15 fucking years I've been using the same damn account . And your telling me blizzard you've deleted my account. Ow no smh. Tbh I really don't know what all to say but this for right now. Let me figure out a good response for you blizzard entertainment I'll get back to you after I think of a long broadcast for you . For any of you loosers who are getting ready to laugh at me for this. Laugh all you want . I'll see you on here in the long run with the same story . I'll laugh back. So please no negativity. Because there is nothing negative about this at all. For a diablo lover such as myself who has been playing D2 since v1.06 best goddann years ever of life!!

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