Diablo 3 early and midgame is amazing, endgame is retarded – pov of a new player

I'm a new player in D3, just purchased the game less than 2 weeks ago and i have to admit i was very pleasantly surprised by it, especially given it's bad initial reviews on release lots of years ago. It looks like they managed to turn it around into something decent over the years so i have to give credit where credit is due.

I've played lots of rpgs and some mmorpgs and D3's progression system, smart loot and vast array of options to lvling up is by far the best i can think if. The cube, crating, shards, vaults, rifts, bounties etc they synergize perfectly.

So i would say the gearing up (and flexibility) is 10/10. Story is meh and cheesy but then again most game stories are like that.

That being said, the endgame completely retarded. I understand i might rub some people the wrong way but in my opinion it's something that needs to be said so that in the very least they don't make D4 the same way.

First of all, if you think about the fundamentals of the leaderboard, it's actually quite pointless, it's who kills mobs better and faster. It's not really a leaderboard of skill/pvp, it's just a leaderboard of who can farm/bot more, since the skill required in this game is not that high. Now for some people that may be enough of a reason to play and who am i to judge.

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However the absolute worst part of d3 imo is the horrible RNG on higher grs on top of the farming and botting.

Really, everything it comes down to once you get the basics of pulling mobs, when to engage, when to skip etc, it's all just layers of layers of RNG.

  1. type of map

  2. type of mobs

  3. mob density

  4. type of elites

  5. pylon location/sequence

  6. getting dead ends

  7. rift guardian

So in the end pushing a higher gr aside from the gear part is not only rolling a die once, it's rolling like 7+ dice and just hoping for the best. Each bad roll will set you behind and make you lose the map/time. How many rolls you get only depends on how much you farm or bot.

I understand this is common knowledge to many of you and probably something you've grown accustomed to but it's actually horrible game design, literally worst than gambling and it requires little to no skill and completely turned me off of playing d3 in the long run.

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