Diablo 3 Got Too Much MMO Treatment

Content of the article: "Diablo 3 Got Too Much MMO Treatment"

I was just thinking about the differences between D2 and D3 when it came to grinding/farming. In D3, all your farming/grinding activities are laid out for you. Nephalem rifts, Greater rifts, bounty runs, etc. Like, the systems are designed specifically for those activities in mind. When doing GR's just click on a thing, open portal, and go. And then, you literally have a bar you have to fill up with a timer going.

In D2, you learned from playing the game where the good farming spots were. Baal throne room was good XP, and Baal himself was good loot. Mephisto was good. Pindle was decent. Diablo however took too much time to do, so it wasn't time efficient. But you had to actually get to each boss first.

No timers, no keystones to farm before hand to start the event. You just got a party together and went for it. Having a sorc or a paly that could tp was vital. In D3, if you aren't fast enough, you'll get left behind trying to play catch up the entire run while someone 1 shots everything.

I'm just saying, D2 end game felt more organic and didn't have the dumbed down systems that D3 has. It's like D3 hands everything to you on a silver platter, where as D2 you had to work for.

And while, yes, it could be seen that some things you have to work for in D3. Like keystones. Okay, but that is just adding work for the sake of adding work, it does not add anything meaningful, it just makes nephalem rifts a pre-requisite to GRs, because….. why not?? If you run out of keystones when you sit down and try to push through some GRs, tough luck, go to a bunch of nephalem rifts just because you ran out.

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I also loved the fact that in D2, I could just do Mephisto runs all day long until I got my Shako, and it will be awesome, even if it's a low roll. Where as in D3, you'll get 100 of the same items and they all suck. But you spend eternity grinding GRs to make microscopic upgrades to your gems.

Anyway, its just a rant I guess. I miss the D1/D2 team. I really don't think we'll go back to that style of game with D4, I think we'll go more down the MMO route.

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