Diablo 4 looks like its going in a new direction, away from the franchise and gameplay that I loved.

Content of the article: "Diablo 4 looks like its going in a new direction, away from the franchise and gameplay that I loved."

After looking more on the new released info and on the old videos, I think it's evident. I'm not saying this to change your minds, but from what I saw as a diablo and ARPG player D4 does not look to be made for me. I was expecting them to provide more reasoing and deeper mechanics since the first reveal, but it looks and feels like they are set in their ways.

Open world – When zelda tried it people were laughing. Not saying that they won't pull it off, but sure as hell its a different experience than playing an ARPG. Sure, make D4 into GTA…

Ride the open valleys with your mount – no, just no. And we all know that it's to sell Mounts. It's the lack of proper transportation mechanics that was done on purpose, there was never anyting wrong with portals and waypoints – but these don't open up a new product to sell. And it will make zones feel smaller in progression, or just force you to ride between plot points back and forth ala wow.

Poor itemization – the system they are showing is something you can find in $10 indie games. It's obviously designed with console and casuals in mind. They are not taking the POE route even in the slightiest. It's very shallow and looks like it's 10-20 years old and a step back even from D3. No deep stats and only Attack/Defense? What is this Pokemon? Sorry Pokemon, you also had special attack & defense and some hidden ones as well.

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Pseudo mmo multiplayer – because giving you control of whom you play with apparently is bad these days, but also we can't/won't let you see everyone. Also not sure if we'll be able to turn it off, and if there will be exclusive content for party/raid number of players.

Runewords – no semblance to any system you knew. It's just a trigger effect enchant with 2 parts – Just terrible. if it's so shallow, why bother at all? No complexity or progression.

And all of that including forced always online for a premium AAA price? Only when Hell freezes over and I come down there to meet Arthas in person.

"Wait, they are not done – the good stuff are not shown yet and they will do changes with community feedback!" – Do you really believe that? They don't have time to make huge changes or add more, even if it's coming out in 2022 – they've crystalized their core design and they are clearly in the execution phase now.

I'll keep checking on this game, but definitely not pre-ordering or buying it on release. Also keeping this post bookmarked, to reflect upon this opinion and what will actualy happen in the future.

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