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Hi there! Cratic here. I stream, theorycraft, test, build, and play Diablo 3. I like to think I'm now a longtime Diablo 3 community member.

I've identified a gap in functionality when it comes to community tools, and I'm looking to fill that gap.

I've often been frustrated with organization when it comes to presenting builds. My current solution for many seasons past has been google sheets. With sheets, it's easy to define info for build type, speed of clear, class, etc., as well as link the many resources that are tied to the build (guides, planners, videos, other links).

However, this solution is non-standardized, not very presentable or clear, and is not necessarily easy to use or access.

My thought here was that if I'm going to make a tool to aid myself, perhaps one can be made that other community members could also use.

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I'm interested in developing a web application that could assist the Diablo community with build organization, cataloging, and the build testing / theorycrafting workflow.

Some key features could include:

  • Defining your own Build Lists, collections.
  • Customizable Tier Lists.
  • Queuing of builds for planning season progression.
  • Rating system for builds and lists.

A VERY rough outline of ideas can be seen here:

  • https://cratic.net/aspect-design-plan

Work in progress app name: Aspect.



I don't know how desirable such an app would be, what features would be preferred, and how much time, effort, and complexity would be appropriate. I need help sizing, defining, and prioritizing features and requirements for the project.

Therefore, I'm putting out a questionnaire that I hope you'll take the time to answer.

Aspect Build Cataloging App Questionnaire:

It only takes about 5 minutes so to fill out, and you'd be helping shape the direction the project takes from the get-go.


This will likely be a longer term endeavor of mine, even though this may seem like a simpler implementation to some. Nonetheless, I'm excited to develop a build cataloging app.

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If you're wondering, I'm planning on making this generic enough to fit or adapt to other games, such as Diablo 4, fairly readily. =)

Thank you for your time, effort, and support in this venture!

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