Diablo: is the “back to the roots” impossible?

Content of the article: "Diablo: is the “back to the roots” impossible?"

As times change, things change, and Diablo is not an exception.

The previous entries have gone from a loot-centric approach, items were the goal, to a competition-centric view, where items are just a tool for improving your clear times or getting to a higher GRift, which is now the current goal.

The thing is that the old school loot-centric approach had inherent issues: one of the activities that happened around those items, trading, had activities associated to Pay2Win via 3rd parties, or people showering friends/new players with items, leaving the game purposeless. Other issue that came with giving items presence was that in order to make the items protagonists, armors and weapons were big and majestuous, with the drawbacks of reducing the number of items that can be seen in the same screen, and creating stash management annoyances (inventory tetris).

The thing is that in order to solve all those huge issues, the measures taken have not just solved the issues, but have also completely changed the face of the game with, apart from all previously mentioned (no trading, no Tetris), also higher drop rates in order to compensate the lack of trading, moving the focus out of loot even more, given that all the drops are that common that are a thing you can consider as done after a few days, and, after that, you're just looking for minor numeric upgrades of the items that you already.

With this setup, there's now a mix of polarized players who enjoy completely different things grouped in the same community.

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So, does it make sense to design a game to be mostly enjoyed by the latest generation of Diablo players while also at the same time promoting it like a "back to the roots" when the features taken are just merely aesthetic or symbolic like graphical style, character roster, or the firecamp selection screen?

Wouldn't this mix just become a strange hybrid that would upset both sides?

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