I really enjoyed the latest quaterly update for Diablo IV. I appreciate the transparency and insight into their methodology and what they are currently playing around with during development.

Now, something that has me very worried is the emphasis they are putting on Multiplayer. I understand that they are currently early in the stages of experimenting and seeing what feels good for world events and interactions within social hubs and that nothing is final. I do really appreciate the team’s willingness to wanting to try new things and expand on certain concepts for the Diablo world. This being said, I am personally NOT interested in anything when it comes to multiplayer games and even more so in a Diablo game. I want to face to darkness of the world on my own, role play with my own character, and try to rely on no one else by myself to try my best to defeat the minions of hell and survive. I am not interested in participating in world events with x amount of other players appearing on my screen as we get together to defeat this huge demon. I feel like that completely pulls me out of the game I am currently playing even if it is just for a few minutes and would add that it personally undermines the darkness and threat of the world.

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I personally have no interest in any kind of forced multiplayer activities. I just want to be able to play completely solo. I want to play the game at my pace and enjoy trying to better my character on my own. I very much enjoy the Solo Self Found category of Path of Exile as an example.

I completely respect that the team is trying very hard to innovate and try new things, but I don’t see these types of activities being part of the core identity of a ARPG like Diablo. If I wanted to fight world bosses, I would log onto World of Warcraft and group up with players and play a social game as such that was designed from the get go. I personally have a hard time seeing these concepts as being something that defines a Diablo game. I actively choose to play Diablo because it is a great single player experince.

Now this doesn’t mean I think the team shouldn’t make these types of activities or design some of these concepts if they truly feel inspired to do so. This is their game and I know they are trying their very best to craft the best Diablo game they can. I am just asking to please respect the desire of wanting to play the game completely solo and to please include a mode where this is possible. Diablo I, II and III all had this functionality and I honestly believe it would hurt the identity of Diablo to remove such a thing.

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Thank you for being transparent, communicative and open to feedback.

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