Difficulty is odd – suggestions?

Hey gang, new d3 player here. My wife and i played through d3 on switch during the quarantine and i'm a little baffled by the difficulty in this game.
Playing through on the regular difficuilty you can pretty much be on your phone the whole time – it's almost not even a game. We figured out how to increase the difficulty but then it seems the game devolves into "thwack the monster 50 times, avoid the arcane purple things and the mortar explosions".
We looked into the end game stuff and got to 70, figured out some builds, and worked up to GR 42. I got the items to make the Barb IK HotA build and just melt things. The end game isn't appealing to us as it seems that it's "do the thing 50 times, get incremental number progression, do the higher thing 50 times, etc (oh and avoid the purple and the mortar explosions)". I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, it just isn't for us.

We had the most fun when we were playing the campaign, facing elite monsters with cool ability combinations that we cared about, and figuring out the strategy to tackle that individual fight.

I've been trying to find a sweet spot for us to just play campaign again with new characters, have it be challenging, but not devolve into 1000% hp enemies. Has anybody else experienced this? Also is there a way to have the act 1/2 elite monsters have 2, 3 or 4 special abilities during a campaign playthrough so that you have a cool strategic element right from the get go?

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thanks for the help!

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