Efficient Rainbow Goblin Farm tactics

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Hey all, I’ve spent hundreds of hours farming just goblins and rainbow goblins in the past, and I figured I could post what I’ve found (and read) to be a (fairly) efficient way of finding specifically rainbow goblins.

Now, while any goblin spawn could technically become a rainbow goblin, I want to note that I have found a significantly higher spawn rate at these particular locations. It seems to me that Act I locations tend to have a higher spawn rate for all types goblins than in all other acts, so almost any Act I farming route will be efficient. However, some of the areas have really annoying or intricate pathing, which makes them more difficult to fully clear than others, so that would be why they are not listed here.

Forgive me if I miss a specific location that’s popular or route that’s widely recognized, I am simply providing you all with my information that I have gathered over the years.

I have two different methods.


Method #1: Solo Farm *You can farm any of the areas listed in Method 2, but I suggest just only clearing this one to maintain max efficiency. And quite frankly, I’ve found more rainbows here than anywhere else.

Pandemonium Fortress Level 1 **Special note here, if a goblin does spawn, there will ALWAYS be a 2nd goblin in this zone. Hence why it’s so important to spam this when solo. You’re doubling your chance at a rainbow when a goblin actually spawns. *

That’s it. Spawn into game, check Pandemonium level 1, leave game.


Method #2: Group Farm Simply get as many people as you’d like to clear these areas fast, if there’s nothing, reset game. No particular Location order, but these are your zones to check.

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Weeping Hollow(also clear both levels of Den of the Fallen if available)

Leoric’s Manor Courtyard, run southeast and clear Leoric’s Hunting Grounds(also clear Highlands Cave if available), clear through Northern Highlands to the south of this area.

Southern Highlands(also clear Cave of the Moon Clan through level 2)

Cathedral Level 1, clear into Leoric’s Passage(passage is the main goal here)

Royal Crypts(make sure to check all areas inside as goblins can spawn in corners that you won’t see from just rushing through)

Pandemonium Fortress Level 1

Howling Plateau, this area has a chance to spawn multiple goblins(I’ve found 3 in one game before), so clear this and all the way down to and through the a black Canyon Mines.

I hope this helps somebody find their rainbow goblins and potentially cosmic wings! Good luck friends!

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