First SP Ubers – Ups and Downs

I wrote this post because for a long time I was a lurker on this sub that wanted to try some plugy and Ubers but worried I wouldn’t have the time or set up to get the job done. I often looked for post like this to see what kind of challenge this would be for someone with starter gear just starting to build a stash. I hope this helps anyone who finds themselves in that spot, you definitely don’t need grief and coh and the works like some posts might make it sound!

Like the title says I messed around and got into some Ubers grinding the past few days. Last week I made a post about finding my first ever high rune, which some folks suggested I make a CTA with. The CTA rolled pretty good! 6 to BO, so I felt pretty confident that I could give at least organ farming a shot. I started this pluggy file, my first SP experience ever on d2, at the start of January so I’m far from ideal on my smiter set up, but some key pieces gave me hope (heavens light, gface, highlords, ravens).

Unfortunately my first portal was the matrons den which definitely made me worried. I slowly cleared some space to fight and sure enough Lilith came and slapped me around for a bit before I got my set up corrected. I was using a lvl 1 life tap wand which turned out to be far from ideal because the duration was so short. Also I neglected to realize that I had no open wounds on for the first 10 or so attempts lol. I changed to some marrowalks and she dropped rather easily. Leaving the den I was absolutely SHOCKED when I opened a random grave and found a Cham! My second high rune ever! Definitely made the run worth it even if I couldn’t do Ubers yet. The other portals were pretty uneventful once I made these changes tho.

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Now for the Ubers! I did the usual pre buff routine but I forgot to xfer my merc gear which nearly cost me the whole run. I was under the impression that plugy Ubers didn’t summon minions but I quickly found out that wasn’t the case. Meph turned out to be a problem. My BO fell off mid fight and I got 1 tapped. Que 15 minutes of panic trying to get my body and filling the screen with skeles. My CTA and main hand got stuck on a different corpse which absolutely freaked me out for a while. Sure enough I got a life tap off and meph dropped. Big D and Baal were pretty easy and I got my first ever solo torch!! Annnnnd it rolled +3 barb. RIP. Did two more Uber runs out of spite and I got a second barb followed by a tasty Druid torch, but the elusive storch and ptorch will have to wait. Also got my 3rd high rune (ohm) off pindle while key farming. All and all, good to know that I’ve progressed enough that farming torches is fairly easy, playing on battle net for years and years made the process very robotic and easy and this was definitely more challenging. If anyone is interested in more in depth stuff reach out and I’ll give ya what I got.

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