Flipping the question; what specific D2R changes would you NOT accept?

There's been numerous threads about proposed changes and an equal amount of threads about who is a "Real Fan(TM)" and who should just shut up and go play D3.


In my opinion the game needs more than a graphics face lift to make it relevant again. I don't believe that QOL changes and modernizations will ruin the game, I have more faith in D2's core design and I believe its gameplay is way more robust than that. What makes D2 D2 isn't an archaic UI and annoying workarounds. It's the environment, the story, the gameplay and – probably most of all – the itemization.


As I, and everyone else who played from launch in the summer of 2000 can attest to, the game has changed dramatically over the years. Much of what people think of as the core features of D2 weren't really introduced until years afterwards. Over the span of a decade we got tweaks, nerfs, new items, charms and runewords, numerous balance changes, respecs, the Ubers and more. And nowadays, for lack of official support and updates, more people play on custom servers than play on battlenet.


Going by that fact as well as the way the wind seem to blow on this forum it seems like more people prefer a living game with proper developer support and some tweaks occasionally to stir up a stale meta. But at the same time it might be difficult to trust modern Activision Blizzard Inc – they have virtually nothing in common with the old Blizzard North we knew and loved (and trusted) – and they've dropped the ball before – big-time. However, the studio they brought on to make D2R, Vicarious Visions, seem great from what I've seen so far, so I'm feeling optimistic.

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So, to the point. What are your big no-no's? And please don't just blurt out "cHanGe n0tHiNg!!1", but try to pick your battles this time. What are your red lines that mustn't be crossed if you are to be at all interested in D2R. What exact things are you most afraid they will fuck up that will make the game not feel like D2 anymore?


For me, it is:


Drop rates. I hope they're kept at the same rates they are right now. Drops were already increased by a lot with 1.13, please never give in to pressure to increase them further and thereby bringing us closer to D3 loot-piñata territory.


Difficulty. There has been a fair bit of power creep between LOD and the last few patches. Charms, rune words, synergies, even more rune words, torch, anni, etc all contributed. But thankfully it hasn't yet gotten to the point that Hell is trivialized, and let's make sure it never does.


And finally; Cheating. Obviously I don't want it to stay 'as-is', but rather 'as intended'. The 'as-is' is quite atrocious and another reason players turn to custom servers. Blizzard is pretty infamous for being way too limp-fisted with botters and hackers. This time I wish they wouldn't surrender but really do try to run a tight ship, for once!

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