Frenzy Savages Barb GR 115+ push limits

My main and only char is Frenzy Barbarian, after 200ish hours pushed to paragon 1270 After peeking into leaderboards, my gear is: 1. Savages set wo shoulders. All items Ancients focused on damage, with pants Primal 2. Augilds shoulders+bracers set combo -> Shoulders finally rolled a primal, bracers ancient 3. Travelers pledge+compass set, both ancient 4. Cube naturally bastions revers/depth diggers/ring of grandeur to make 1 and 2 get full set bonuses 5. Ancient legendary +199% oathkeeper, solid roll 6. A set of second hands swords: ancient Azuwerath and at least 4 chives of Primals -> one on beast dmg, other with fire dmg and higher base etc 7. Sockets stacked on resistance and cooldown 8. Standard trio of legendary gems all 115 lvl 9. Band of might w 80% reduction ancient

Follower enchantress, gear on int: 1. Pylon necklace 2x 2. 10min shrine gloves 3. Elite spawn form pylon bracers 4. A bunch of primals i managed to get for her

Lastly, All Items on myself are charged with caldeans despair 100-110 lvl on strength but one. On Virality.

Overall, it is the most damage pushing build with all sorts of rolls geared up towards it

So far I progressed to GR110 smoothly mor or less GR110-113 took a bit of extra time but not too much GR 114 took a bunch of tie to conquer first tie, and another 20hours to do it consistently

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But now at GR115 after a ton of attempts it just feels that I am falling short anywhere from 5 United to 2.20 minutes on a Geeat map where I moderately luck out with the map setting

The overall feeling is that I simply don’t have enough damage -> even when raged, buffed to maximum, and under a 85% dmg boost area —> it still takes too much time to clear a moderately nastineness elite batch, a nasty elite batch often takes 2+ rages to finish off.

Decided to ask around as I’m sort of running out of ideas on how to boost my damage The only options I see left is grinding scraps percentage points on caldeans Obviously farming items, which is fine And pushing paragons.
Distinctly feels that I’m missing 20-30% of damage, and that’s like another 600-700 paragons to push That’s around 50+ at least hours of plytime and at this point if that’s the case -> would seriously consider giving up 🙂 Funnily enough being a Europe top 350 in the savages leaderboard – I do see some people above with obviously much weaker builds, so perhaps I am missing smth?


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