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I am a veteran player of Diablo 3. I have played during the RMAH. Did Alkaizer runs and eventually Decaying Crypt runs. I still keep my $10 Mempo of Twilight and my inferno Staff of the Herding as a stamp of D3 history. I have played consistently for 8 years in both Hardcore (HC) and Softcore (SC) as a casual that know a lot about the game. I have played PoE Beta (Hated it, movement was too clunky)


I noticed a lot of returning players. When you profile check a players, you can see when they last played, how many seasons they've played, and if they quit after vanilla.

I have seen any where from 2-6 year gap. And in that time tricks can be forgotten and patches have released.

Tips and Tricks:

1) Saving a location – If a rainbow Gob spawns, to save that spot Teleport (TP) to town. then to travel to different locations use to World Map (WM) to TP. When you are ready to kill unicorns, WM TP to town and use you saved portal. This method is also the very same method people use to get the under 20 min boss kill conquest. granted at this point most classes can solo it.

2) Build guides – People keep recommending Icy Vein (IV). Only use IV to give you an idea, remember those builds were made using PTR testing, not on the live server. META evolves, especially when its finally played on the live server. This is why I recommend Diablofans and eventually the leaderboards (Shift + L). There is zero up keep of IV.

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3) Power leveling – for 1-70 it is best to stay at the door. If you follow, there is a 100% chance you will die. If you die when your saddle is killing a juicy pack, you waste time and loose that xp. Remember, there is only 1 benefit of a saddle being in a T6 rift, pools of reflection farming (I will touch base on that later). For GRs, don't follow and only TP when the boss is dead. If you die, you loose +1 gem up. +1 may not seem like much but its a stacking effect. To get a gem to level100, if you factor in +1 empower, +1 zero death, +3 clear; you will +5 total which means only 20 runs. If you die a lot, that means 25 runs. and in terms of efficiency, that is sucks. also if you die, you loose your pool of reflection buff.

4) Pools of Reflection – these are the yellow pools all around adventure mode. Why are they so important? they are 25% multiplicative in a GR. and since you gain the most of a clear, this is also why leechers should not follow in a high level GR.

5) Legendary Quality – Just because an item is ancient or a primal does not make a better item. If you get a quadfecta glove, don't just salvage it. 9:10 itll be your BiS item till you get at least a trifecta ancient or primal.

6) Flavor of Time – Just because a build labels this amulet as BiS, doesn't mean you have to equip it. Ive been seeing many players equip extremely bad rolled FoT without CHC and CHD. You are nerfing your own damage by doing this. Save those FoTs till you get the mats to reforge them. Otherwise use a Hell Fire Amulet or a GG Immunity amulet. Even a rare amulet with elemental, double crit, and socket would be better.

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7) Nemesis Bracers (Neme) – if someone in the party has these bracer, stop rushing to the pylon and automatically clicking it. 9:10 times you dont even have the effective dps to kill any elites. Neme saves 1 min in a GR clear. In a 1 hour session, that is a difference of 15 runs without it and 20 runs with it. Assuming the party can speed clear in 2-3 mins.

8) Pylon Spawn – Pylons spawn based on progression and map discovery. You can get all 5 pylons to spawn. Also there are set locations where pylons spawn. If you, the leecher decides to run off ahead without doing anything remotely useful for the party. you can essentially despawn all the pylons. Its happened many times. You can clear a GR100 in 3 mins and not a single pylon spawns because your leecher decides to rush ahead without killing. Leechers are different of Support classes. Supports are the leaders of the group, and they can control the spawns of pylons.

These are the most common mistakes I've seen in my 8 years of playing this game. and people still make these mistakes.

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