Funny translations in the Spanish version of the game.

Been playing this game since I'm 6 (am 24 now). Played this game a lot growing up as a kid, now that I've come back I'm having a blast but there's quite some funny stuff, that explains why I used to be so confused back in the days.

So I wanted to share some funny translation mistakes we've had for a while (since day one), in the spanish version of D2.

First and funniest to me, stats which scale by level, such as +50 Defense (based on character level) reads as: +50 Defensa muerto viviente. This translates as "+50 defense undead".

Hollow One act II mobs, are called "Hueco uno", which would translate to Hole one.

Greater Poleaxe, is poorly translated to "El Gran Pollax"… Literally means large dick.

Shadow Dancer boots… this one is huge. In spanish they are called "Transfórmate en un hombre oso". Means "become a werebear"

Shenk the Overseer, is called "Shenk, el que todo lo ve": "Shenk the one who sees it all"

Hone Sundan is called "Afilar sundan": Sharpen sundan.

Meat scraper, is called "Espátula de carne": meat spatula.

Lightsabre is called "sable ligero": Light (as for weight) sabre

Ber rune is called Ver rune.

Battle Cestus is called "cinturón de batalla": Battle belt.

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Crown of ages is called "Corona de años": Crown of year.

Venom ward is called "Césped venenoso": poisonous grass

Beetleburst is called "Gran estallido": large burst.

Worldstone chamber is called "Cámara de la piedra del mundo": stone world chamber

Worldstone keep is called "Torre de homenajes": Tribute tower.

Crown, Coronet, Corona, these are all called "corona", it's exciting when you drop an unique one from tc87 areas because you never know.

Ohm rune wrongly reads as "+5% resistencia mínima al fuego": +5% to minimum fire resist. (Yes, fire).

Conquest Sword is called "La espada de concurso": Contest sword.

Eyeback, the unleash is called "Eyeback, el desdentado": Eyeback the toothless.

Holy freeze is called "Ola de frío sagrada": holy cold wave.

Mesh boots and Mail boots, both are called "Botas de malla": mail boots.

Suffix "… of chain lightning" is called "… de rayos malla": … of sparks mail (yes, order is flipped)

The Grandfather is called "El padrino": The Godfather.

"Slain monsters rest in peace" reads as "Matar monstruos": Slay monsters.

Boneshade (lich wand), is called Sombrientas (vara mágica del camposanto), which would translate as "Gloomy (magical cemetery wand)"

Troll nest is called "nido del gnomo", gnome nest.

Rakescar is called "Rastreador": Tracker.

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M'avina's caster is called "Ruedecita de m'avina": M'avina's small wheel.

Coldkill is called "Matar a sangre fría" which would translate as "Commit murder with cold blood"

Jewel with AR or increased dmg vs undeads (Think it's called jewel of pearl or something like that), in spanish it's "La joya joya": Jewel of jewel.

Sorry long post lmao.


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