Gamble/Resource Usage Priority for S22 MotBC Necro

Content of the article: "Gamble/Resource Usage Priority for S22 MotBC Necro"

I’ve been fooling around with this build the past couple days as I haven’t played it before. MotBC is heavily reliant on a few hard to obtain items (krysbins, haunted visions, briggs).

What are you guys aiming on first? I am basing my priority on what gives me the most damage or toughness for the least amount of resource expenses.

(1st) Upgrade 2H Scythes

  • Maltorius’ Petrified Spike

  • Reilenna’s Shadow Hook

(2nd) Upgrade 1H Scythe

  • Scythe of the Cycle

(3rd) Upgrade Necklace

  • Haunted Visions

(4th) Upgrade Rings

  • Krysbins, Briggs, CoE

There are 20 rings available in cube (plus the random 5 or so that don’t have legendary affixes like leorics signet, F/R, LoN, compass rose, minus the couple you can’t upgrade into, those being hellfire, avarice, rorg).

Our chances at getting a useful upgrade on a ring is roughly 3/26 (11.5%). There are 17 necklaces in the cube plus the few non-affix necklaces like ouruboros, etlich, rondals, making those odds roughly 1/20 (5%).

Testing out my gamble priority, it took me 10 upgrades total to get Maltorius, Reilenna’s, and Cycle.

After 50 upgraded rings, I got 2 Briggs and 2 CoEs, but zero Krysbins. After about 20 upgrades, I had my Briggs and CoE.

After 50 upgrades necklaces, I got my first Haunted Visions at 24 upgrades. I only was able to get one more HV out of the remaining 26 suggesting the odds are roughly 1/25.

Overall, Haunted Visions and Briggs Wrath are the two best quality of life gear pieces you will have with this set. HV netting you 83% damage reduction and sextupling your bone spear damage (2 simulacra at triple damage).

Bloodshard Gambles

The only items worth spending bloodshards for are Dayntee’s Binding, Razeth’s Volition, and Gelmindors Bracers. Since Razeth’s goes in the cube, we don’t really care what level it is. Before level 30 and after level 19, you have a 50% chance to get the shoulders. I’m going to make a second necro to get this if it doesn’t drop outright.

Don’t bother wasting your shards on Gelmindors until you have Haunted Visions or it’s the last piece you need.

Final Note: For the truly unlucky of us, if you are able to put the full rathma set together before you get Haunted Vision, it’s worth speedfarming regular rifts for DBs to keep upgrading necklaces.

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