gearing for firebird, actually have a semi decent tal rasha ish setup with it, thinking it might be an alright ish build potentially, thoughts?

edit: crap, forgot something like storm armor procs the meteor, but not the six piece tal rasha meteor effect, so presumably need a shock, cold, fire, and arcane skill.

edit 2: oh yeah. firebird ignite gets scaled up by 6 piece tal rasha set. used just disintegrate once to set immolate against zoltan khule, took over 20 seconds for him to die

used 3 elemental skills on golems, then disintegrate on zoltan long enough to inflict immolate – like 4 ticks of burn damage. sweet.

partially think it'll work (i mean, most builds work, just not optimal) because of the new follower revamp.

but basically figured 6 set tal rasha (chest, belt, hands, legs, neck) 4 set firebird (shoulders, offhand, helm), RORG, meteor shoes

channeling setup as usual, deathwish, cubed etched sigil and mantle of channeling, + ransior's folly bracers (energy twister increased, pulls foes)

firebird provides a nice boost to disintegrate, and causes it to be able to deal fire damage, and revival, 4 piece is a nice defensive bonus, as well as reduced cooldown to teleport

tal rasha setup lets you cast meteors for free, as well as providing overall boost to resists and damage done, as long as we're using multi elemental skills

gearing up for firebird, i've got the tal rasha set, and an arcane disintegrate spawns two meteors, arcane and fire – shock armor can proc shock meteors, and mistral breeze energy twister can deal our cold damage

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not unlike the old etched sigil setup, can essentially channel one skill and still hit with all 4 meteor flavors, just no longer massively focused on meteor damage – channel disintegrate, arcane and fire, get stacks of combustion to move around faster once done, storm armor can keep proccing shock damage meteors, and the etched sigil will keep casting our energy twister – which will draw foes and group them together, to better be hit by disintegration and meteors.

figure another RORG on follower, both sets of equipment, flavor of time, nemesis bracers, worship gloves, krede's flame, broken crown instead of cain helm when not getting keys

just not really sure what to do entirely with some leftover stuff, like ring/cubed acc and armor, and skills – the elemental stuff is handled with 3, plus teleport, could use something like frost nova for cold and gale force twister, increasing fire damage done, or raging storm since multiple twisters will be spawning as we channel anyway. or magic weapon: deflection for defense (though we've got two different 4 piece tanky abilities – still, we're standing still largely)

passives, elemental exposure, audacity, unwavering will, probably galvanizing ward (was trying to think of a barrier accessory, but drawing a blank)

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does anyone know if the generic damage upgrade something like tal rasha is applied to all skills, or the expected base damage, and therefore might work in conjunction with firebird burn? (kinda doubt it, but it'd be nice) edit 2 again: haha it does nice as hell, means the immolate effect can be major damage even without the 6 set triggering extra fire damage from other skills


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