Having Trouble Running Diablo 1 on a Windows 7 Machine ? Here’s some solutions.

" I sense a Soul in Search of Answers " – Adria the Witch (Diablo 1)
>> First up, these solutions might or MIGHT NOT work for you. Since there is no Clear cut on what could go wrong due to many many untold factors.
:: However, if you are using Windows 7 and when you try to run Diablo 1 Game, you keep seeing rainbow like colours or older CGI type of resolution colours on the screen instead ? Then Perhaps this guide may be of some help.

Solution 1 : Patches and DirectX Method
This method may be quite a bit for advanced users. There is only a 70% chance it may work tho. Use this method on your own risk.

Step 1 >> Download the Vista/Windows 7 Patch from Strange Bytes.
Here's the URL : http://www.strangebytes.com/projects/1-diablo-1-windows-7-vista-patch/diablopatch_20140908.zip

Step 2 >> Download and Install Directx9 Runtime from Microsoft.
heres the URL : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35

Step 3 >> Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package x86
Here's the External site url : https://download.cnet.com/Microsoft-Visual-C-2010-Redistributable-Package-x86/3000-2383_4-75451146.html

Step 4 >> Since you have already downloaded the Patch from Strange Bytes. Make sure you have either WinRAR or Winzip to view this file. Extract the File DDraw to your Diablo Install Folder on your hard drive.

Step 5>> Run the Diablo Game. Hit the Tilde (~) button on your keyboard. This symbol is often found before the number 1 and its the pair with the comma symbol. When you hit this key on the game an additional menu will appear. You will be able to change the resolution in game.

NOTE : Using this method may disallow you to use the Alt + Tab key. You may need to use the ALT + Enter key and switch to Windowed mode.

Solution 2 : Killing Explorer Method
>> This method is one of the Very popular workaround for this problem.

STEP 1 >> Run the Diablo 1 Game. Then hit ALT + Tab to the desktop.
STEP 2>> Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to start the Task Manager. Then click on Explorer.exe and click on end the process.
STEP 3 >> After that ALT + TAB again to get to Diablo, and the colours may have gone. NOTE FYI : DOING this method however may mean your desktop will vanish. And once you're done playing the game and you exit. You may need to Launch your Task Manager again and start Explorer.exe again to see your desktop and all the icons again.

Dont worry this method wont hurt your system in any way. Its popular cos it did work for many users. It did work for me too. Its just THAT, its very tedious to ALWAYS keep ending Explorer once I run Diablo 1.

Solution 3 : Change Wallpaper to Solid Color Method
>> Now this method is somewhat TOO easy. Many used to Laugh off at this solution due to its CRAZY simple solutions. HOWEVER !!! AMAZINGLY it does work actually. NO freakin kidding here. It did work for me. Here's how to do it.

Step 1 >> Right click on your Desktop. Click on Personalize.

Step 2 >> Click on Desktop Background. On the Picture Location Bar, click the scroll down button to Solid Colors. Select whichever color you want on your desktop. I chose Black so it kinda had that DARK mode on my windows tho. Then click Save changes. Then close that window.

Step 3 : Right Click on the Desktop again. This time click on Screen Resolution. No need to do anything here. Just simply MINIMIZE this window.

Step 4 : Now run Diablo 1. VOILLA it should work like a charm. I know its crazy…but heck IT WORKS. So weird, x understand why… but it does work.

Personally The Killing Explorer and Right Click on Personalize methods worked for me. My suggestion is for you to Try ALL 3 of these methods and check for yourself. I believe by trying all this 3 methods, I am nearly 90% sure you will get to run DIABLO 1 without the CGI / terrible looking resolution look on the game on your Windows 7 machine.

I truly hope this guide has helped you. Now, x forget to Play the game and put that lil Lord Of Pain to his rest.


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