How to deal with Halls of the Dead as a Necro with no Teleport

Hi all. First time playing through Hell diff. and I'm having a blast. I mean, I was. I mean, I am, I'm just taking a break to recover my mental health because I'm fucking tilted.

I love my poison novamancer, really do. But I think I just discovered my biggest drawback of them: Directing my merc and minions to whom to attack.

Halls of the Dead. Narrow hallway – one door – big square room with 3 "Hollow Ones" (2 champions and 1 unique I believe, but it doesn't matter, I would have the same problem if it was 3 normal Hollow Ones)

(There's a TL;DR at the end for those who prefer, but I think my post is better understandable if you read it all the way)

I open the door and my 11 skeles and 1 merc start doing their job. Only it is a fucking small door and only 2 maybe 3 minions of mine are actually slaying returned (minions of Hollow One) and the death rate of returned is slower than the rate of revival casted by the Greater Mummies. So ok, I opened a TP little further back on the hallway attracting the returned away from the bottleneck of the door arch, entered the TP then came back and ran to the big square room. I did it. There I was. Besides the 3 Hollow Ones there was a sarcophagus spawning some mummies but it was much less crowded than outside. I tried spamming Poison Nova on the greater mummies but my PN alone is garbage, I'm highly dependable on my merc most of all, and I couldn't direct him to attack the Hollow Ones. So frustrating. He was battling with one or two returned that somehow remained inside the room and the other mummies from the sarcophagus. All this I'm describing happened in a time span of idk, 15 secs, I was nervous because I knew that rather sooner than later those returned who were on the narrow hallway outside were going to naturally come back, and I know I'm not good at the game, and I was running around the room trying to avoid attacks because I knew it was going to be really tough to get my corpse back. So in those 15 secs or so, the room slowly turned to get really crowded again and I save quitted before dying.

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Second attempt I got slaughtered by Spear Cats (java throw) on that same room. This time I died. More than once. But my post is already becoming too long and I'll spare you from the details but I recovered my body in an epic fashion, shakinly nervous trying to click on it only to click OUTSIDE the game window (yes, I play with my mouse NOT-LOCKED in the game window) and finally clicking right on the corpse and instantly ESC with 14 life before savequitting. This game man…

TL;DR So I'll try to be more objective: In this bottleneck scenarios, as a summonancer highly dependable on merc and minions, without teleport. How to deal with them? To clarify: I have no problems in taking too long to clear the path. I am patient. Hence why I don't expect to be tilted in Maggot Lair just as I didn't get in Nightmare. But the problem is these monsters who can revive their minions.

Thanks in advance. Let me know if I need to provide further information such as skill points and gear 🙂


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