I got a lot of dumb questions

Please help answering these questions

1) I want to try almost every class to find what I like more. For now, I enjoy witch doctor, necro and a bit of monk. Every guide shows which items I should get. But I can’t get any of it, I’ve been playing for a few days, and almost no piece that is recommended for neither of the classes I play. Gambling and bounties don’t help. Nephalem NEVER drops the keys for the greater rifts. The bounty chests never drop anything good. No GR keys, no shards, no good items. In 3 days I got only 3 legendary gems and 3 soul shards and one crudest boots for monk. Thats it. And not a single recipe to finish chapter 4 of the season. Just why? What am I doing wrong? Should I waste all of the materials for the 3rd cube recipe then?

2) I noticed that monk is the strongest and I can run with water ally killing everything without stopping. While my other characters take much more time to kill things and they are much slower (running speed). So I thought it would be faster to farm bounties (and basically everything else) as monk, even though I prefer other classes over him, but monk would help me farm the gear and gear up my favourites. But then I realized that every goddamn equipment piece has class-locked bonuses! From basic stats like +dex or +int, up to legendary stats like +% dmg to monk ability. So that means I can’t farm ANYTHING for my other characters? I will have to farm the same set over and over again for each character??

3) I don’t get which build am I supposed to look at, every guide has different equipment setup on each activity: nephalem rifts, bounties, GR solo push, GR speed push etc. I don’t know which build variant I have to follow. No way I could farm all these different equipments for each activity.

4) What are the general steps of assembling the build? There are a lot of guides about leveling 1-70, but what’s next? I should assemble the final build right away? Or is there something in between? Only one character can claim the seasonal set reward, it’s my monk. Other characters can’t claim it. I failed to get any useful piece mentioned in the guide while I was lvl-ing 1-70. Now I got a lvl 70 monk with seasonal set only and other classes lvl 70 with useless legendaries and simply yellow items. What the heck is the plan? Should I spam bounties only? Or rifts only? Or 50:50, or what? And since the monk is the fastest and the strongest, but not my number one, i shouldn’t try to farm the equipment for my faves because all the stats will be monk-specific?

5) Do I have to fight only yellow blue and purple mobs and always ignore everyone else and rush to a next level portal ASAP, or do I have to kill everything on my way? Do I have to collect every elite mob sphere and pick up every yellow item for salvage? Cause it slows me down so much. I do a low lvl nephalem in 10 min:( (not with the monk though)

6) should I do ubers now or later?


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