Idea how to balance rare and legendary items

Content of the article: "Idea how to balance rare and legendary items"

So I was talking with some fella in the official post and I got and interesting idea how to try to balance rare and legendary (mystic weapons)

1st Mystic items should be with fixed affictions and various rolls, they must "God" tier addition to your build not defining build items. Those items must be end game chasing items for max your character.

  • If it's possible angelic/demonic power to contribute to your passive tree and alter it will be great.
  • Legendary powers to be universal (like 90 percent of them at least)
  • Legendary powers must be not too op too. (something like after 3 hits you receive 50% more attack for 2 sec or this Melee attack now grant chance to stun; 10% of your defence is turning into attack while unarmed) or something like that.
  • Only Legendary, Mystic and crafted (to some degree) weapons can roll angelic /demonic power stats.
  • Rare items must have some benefits too, maybe 20% more stats and +1 socket (than legendary) but unable to roll angelic/demonic stats.
  • High end crafted items shoud be somewhere between Mystic and Legendary items. They could have higher Stat like rare and maybe lower that legendary items – A/D stats (without extra socket)
  • Even after transmute legendary power to rare item those items will be lacking angelic/demonic stats, so we will have to end up with mix of rare (crafted) and legendary items .

I think this on of directions how to make rare items functional and how it's possible to create build diversity.

I didn't calculate anything on paper, so numbers are just for exemple, but I wanted to share that with you. After all everything depends on balance of the items.

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What you think?


Edit 2 – I suggest the people who downvote to say why they don't agree, so we can have a discussion. Maybe you can tell me what is wrong and change my mind.

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