IDEA: How to make upcoming Seasons interesting but balanced at the same time!

Hey Guys,

A friend of mine and I were thinking about, now that we have all items in non-season, how Blizz could make upcoming seasons interesting enough but at the same not too OP with new items or RWs etc.

Personally, I am a little bit afraid of ending up in a D3 like scenario were a circle of OP gear and increased and added difficulty levels would result in Trillions of Damage and more and more Torment Levels over time.

What came to our mind was the following:

  • For D2 there is already a huge motivation to optimize gear based on little differences: F.e. a 35FCR spirit already provides a huge benefit when optimizing gear/breakpoints compared to a 29FCR one – is it a game changer? For sure not. Is it highly seeked after and worth way more? Definitely.
  • D2 is really about getting a solid result with the base version of gear already, but needs a lot of grinding to get GG stuff. (Perfect CTAs vs. average one, 40//400 Grief vs. average one, Eth 3Sox 50//80 Tomb Reaver vs. average one…)

That means, with small changes to items or RWs you can already create a high demand and desireability and get a huge value increase on the market for those, too.

Now let's think about how Blizz could use that fact and the market demand for seasons:

Those of you who were part of the D2 journey from beginning for sure will recall items like 1.08 Shako, 1.08 GF or 1.08 Arkaines. For those who don't: Those are versions of items that only dropped during a specific patch (1.08) and had mods on them that were very too strong and have been changed in the following patches. (F.e. 1.08 Shako had 40% life increase).

The bonus mods combined with the fact, that those items were very, very limited in availability after the patch made them unafforable for 99.9% of the player base but highly sought after.

Blizz could use this most likely unintended situation from the past as feature for the future:

Example: Imagine a "Season 1" Shako, that during that season rolled in 1% of the cases with +3 instead of +2 Skills and could only be acquired during Season 1. It is a onetime chance and when "Season 1" comes to an end no one will be able to get that item anymore, except via trading. It will not drop anymore and the "Season 1" Shako will be very rare and expensive.

So the idea would be for every season you make just a small change to only 1 famous item – good enough to be highly valuable, but no game changer – rare enough to be found but requiring lots of grinding to get it.

A lot of creativity could go into that. Some ideas:

  • RWs that could for that specific season roll better than non season (f.e. 25%-40% FCR Spirit, 30-45IAS Grief, etc…)
  • Uniques that were average before can become really usefull (f.e. Skullders with some All Res)
  • Larzuk having the very low chance of rolling 2 sockets on uniques (Imagine finding a Griffons during that season and knowing that socketing it at Larzuk has a 1% chance to roll 2 sockets – that thrill when you click that button)

TLDR: Only 1 changed item per season and limited to only that season, with a minor, non game changing mod adjustment can be motivation enough for grinding that whole season without the need to make too big changes to game difficulties, game modes, skills or balancing.

What do you think? Would that make you start playing in seasons?

Or would be a clean, blank season motivation enough for you to play?


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