Im not sure what demon hunter build i should use

Content of the article: "Im not sure what demon hunter build i should use"

I feel like my set (unhallowed essence) isnt really doing me good the best I can do now is GR72 and I can barely damage the rift guardian or is it just my gems I don't know if I should stick to it or swap to the build my dad uses (shadows mantle) I really don't know what to do so I'm asking here for advice

Edit:for people asking about all the gear I'm using I'll make a list of all the stiff I currently have on and as well as my level and skills

Kanais cube

Weapon: Dawn

Armour: Illusory boots

Jewelry: broken promises

Skills (non passive and passive also I'm playing on Xbox)

A Primary: evasive fire Rune: curving fire

RT Hunting: companion Rune: wolf

X Hunting: vault Rune: tumble

Y Defensive: smoke screen Rune: vanishing powder

B Devices: Vengeance Rune: side cannons

RB Archery: multi shot Rune: full broadside

Passive skills

Passive 1: ambush

Passive 2: perfectionist

Passive 3: tactical advantage

Passive 4:blood vengeance

Now my gear

Weapon: Ancient Yang's recurve Socketed Gem: flawless royal emerald Augment: dexterity 330+ (rank 65 gem)

Gloves: primal fiendish grips (gift from my dad) No augment

Shoulders: ancient unsanctified shoulders No augment

Chest: ancient cage of the hellborn No augment Gems: 3 flawless royal emeralds

Helm: ancient acursed visage No augment Gem: flawless royal topaz

Neck: eye of etlich Legendary gem: bane of the trapped (rank 60) No augment

Wrists: primal stongarm bracers No augment

Off hand: ancient dead mans legacy No augment Gem: flawless royal emerald

Rings: Ancient Hellfire ring No augment Legendary gem: esoteric alteration (rank 59)

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Band of hollow whispers No augment Legendary gem: Zei's stone of vengeance

Boots: ancient hell walkers No augment

Legs: unholy plates No augment Gems: 2 flawless royal emeralds

Belt: ancient goldwrap No augment

And finally my paragons

Paragon level: 619


Dex: 35 (175+ total)

Vit: 18 (90+ total)

Movement:50 (+25%)

Hatred: 50 (+25%)


Attack speed: 39 (+7.80%)

Cooldown: 50 (+10%)

Critical chance: 31 (+3.10%)

Critical damage: 33 (+33%)


Life: 50 (+25%)

Armour: 50 (+25%)

Resist all: 50 (+250)

LRPS: 3 +214.6 per point (+643.7)


Area: 50 (+50% I think this buffs multishot)

RCR: 50 (+10%)

LPH: 50 +160.9 per point (+8046.3)

Gold: 3 (3%)

Spare points

2 core

2 offence

2 defense

1 utility

(There is basically my whole charcters equipment skills etc and this took a long time)

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