Interactive Season 22 Bonus Ideas

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I just want a seasonal that will make me want to play for more than a weekend. I have a 4 man group and we try to race to 70 and push for the first few days of each seasonal, but the last seasonal that we played for more than a weekend was S19 which rewarded the Angelic Goblin (played for pet not even seasonal bonus). I also want to have more impact on a season bonus, rather than just waiting for a proc, having player agency would be a nice seasonal bonus.

Obviously these are not fully fleshed out and could be altered in many ways. Also I'm not sure if d3 has the ability to do either of these ideas.

First Idea: Ancient Lengendaries drop with two effects (two random OR their regular + 1)

– I.E Magefist could drop with Thunderfury effect as well or, Magefist with Cindercoat and Squirts

– Could restrict one of each effect active allowed, could make it so the second effect is/isn't restricted to that armor type

– The idea for this is making more ancients "useful" and making weird LoN builds viable based on what multipliers you get

– you would no longer be hunting for certain Primals or Legendaries (to mix/max you would eventually) and almost any piece of gear could be an upgrade

Second Idea: Crafting Legendary Effects (2 versions) (use bounty mats / Cube recipe to apply/remove)

a – You can remove/add (swap) effects on legendary items

– I.e you get a perfect Ess of Johan, and instead of throwing it on your follower, you can remove the effect and put on Squirts

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– Could restrict one of each effect active allowed, could make it so the second effect is/isn't restricted to that armor type

– This makes is so when you clear your first 70, its no longer a 0.1% chance to get a useful item, instead you can change the effect to one you want

– You would still have to find that piece of gear with a perfect effect role (like CoE), but good rolls on the wrong items are no longer useless

b – You can Craft a second effect to an item (a mix of both ideas above, and we don't care about balance)

– Same restrictions as before and you can't use on set items

– This is where you just throw caution to the wind and let everyone clear a 150 on day 2

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