Is death the only answer?

Recently I made a thread asking about what is the "Best" character in the game when you consider all possible factors(ability to kill all mobs in the game without skipping or rerolling, ability to kill all bosses including Ubers, MF, bonus points for untwinked and no merc) Hammerdin was the clear winner, but because I hate Hammerdins I rejected it as an answer and decided to do some of my own research. Fortunately Amazon Basin lists resistances of all monsters in the game, so then it was just a case of finding a damage combination that cannot be resisted by any randomly generated unique monster. Rather unsurprisingly, this combination turned out to be physical/magic, the two damage types enemies are least immune to.

This made me narrow the choice of characters to three:

  • Hammerdin
  • Barbarian
  • Summonmancer

Hammerdin was the first to go since they deal pure magic damage. Almost all enemies immune to magic are Undead which means Paladins can still kill them using the Sanctuary aura, but there is one… Wailing Beast! It has a natural 100% magic damage resistance and is classified as an Animal, so it sends all the Hammerdins back to Rogue Encampment in shame. And good riddance. (yes, Wailing Beasts are encountered only in three small areas in the entire game. It still counts)

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Unfortunately the same Wailing Beast also does a number on the Barb. Barbarians are incredibly versatile because of one skill – Berserk, available as a one point wonder to pretty much any build. Hovewer in addition to 100% natural magic resistance, the Wailing Beast also has 50% natural physical damage resistance. Which means that, if it spawns with a Stone Skin mod, it becomes immune to both physical AND magical damage(and as far as I know, it is the ONLY monster in the game that can be immune to both) stopping even Barbarians in their tracks. Now this isn't a complete deal breaker becuse unlike Hammerdins the Barbarians can actually hit things, meaning you could get a weapon with some kind of elemental damage or amp damage/decrepify proc or use charges, etc. – but it's still a problem.

Which leaves us with the Summonmancer. Summonmancer does(well, his minions do) primarily physical damage, but can also break physical immunity. Hovewer there is a number of enemies in the game which are already immune to physical AND can still spawn with Stone Skin(ubiquitous wraith class enemies, Death Berserkers, Hell Temptresses, etc.) – you're not breaking that 150% resistance any time soon, and by any time soon I mean ever. Still, this is something that can be overcome: spam more Corpse Explosion(50% fire damage), roll an Iron Golem with elemental damage weapon, Revive casters, LR, summon Skeleton Mages(lol) or hell you can even make a hybrid Summonmacer/Bonemancer since the build is technically finished at only 60 skill points. There are options. Plus of course Summonmancers are a breeze to play, are great for MF, reasonably easy Ubers, great crowd control, almost completely gear independent etc. etc.

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So yeah, Necros FTW. On a side note, I find it funny that the hardest to kill enemies in the game aren't the Prime Evils but some randomly generated uniques…


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