Is this game so easy or is the Monk just so OP? (Diablo 3 beginner question)

Content of the article: "Is this game so easy or is the Monk just so OP? (Diablo 3 beginner question)"

So. I started Diablo 3. After i just could´t find my way into Diablo 2 (probably played like 2 hours) I ignored Diablo 3 when it was releases quite a while ago. Never played any of the Diablo-clones ether. But just recently i stumbled across it and thought to myself, sure why not.

One Download later it was my first time to see the starting screen, i chose the monk as it seemed quite a lot of fun to play. The Demon Hunter seemed to deal like no damage in comparison of the first 15 minutes and the mage felt super slow. As it was my first game ever i started it on normal difficulty. Right now i am about 7 hours into the game, just killed Bellial and i started wondering quite a lot.

Here is the thing: It feels just so damn easy. I literally don´t care anymore. After about 2 hours into the game i changed it to hard mode but i cant raise it any further. Usually i just run around, when some mobs are around me i use cyclone strike and everything is instant dead, in some cases an additional lashing tail kick and we are done. I never died. Not a single time the whole game.

I completly ignored what bellial was doing. He was doing his fancy fire breath and hitting the ground and stuff and yeah, cool story bro. I did not move an inch, hit him in the face for about 30 seconds, had nearly full life the whole fight and ended it with 100% life and 100% spirit. While fighting i thought i should probably have changed the skills away from aoe focus but fine.

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I used a health potion once and it was quite difficult to use at is only works when you dont have 100% life wich i have nearly all the time..

So i am seriously asking, as i am pretty sure i am not a diablo 3 god, i am just some dude not knowing what he is doing. This monk seems to regenerate so much life while fighting it seems to make everything else useless. All i to is run around, pull everything to me, do aoe damage and done.

After nealy 7 hours i am level 36 and start to think it´s getting boring. So my question: Is this normal? Is the game very easy the first couple of hours? Is the monk so op? Am i to high level for the area where i am into (I always liked the +xp on equipment and usually clear big parts of the map)? I don´t get it.

I attached a Screenshot of my character, maybe it´s usefull for.. i don´t know, something. Erased the names, as i don´t know if someone can do anything bad with it.


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