Just did Ubers for the first time! (Hardcore)

Content of the article: "Just did Ubers for the first time! (Hardcore)"

Title says it all. I've been playing Diablo 2 for 20 years now off and on. Been playing PoD for three months. And never have I ever attempted Ubers since I always play Hardcore and was afraid to lose my char.

Well tonight was the night. I opened the Tristram portal and the fear set in. My level 96 Rabies Druid is three months of hard work. I watched a video, read some guides and hoped I could pull it off.

Diablo was first and pretty easy. My Oak died a lot of times, but Life Tap kicked in and he was a goner surprising quick. I definitely had to retreat a few times and use a few full rejuves, but never feared losing my guy.

Next, I started on Mephisto. Holy fucking shit. For starters, all of my minions died instantly. I could not keep Oak Sage alive one bit. Life Tap would not proc. I went from 4300 to 100ish life at one point. The main problem is that the ghosts are poison and physical immune – my two damage types except crushing blow. The mana drain was a pain.

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I ran out of rejuves and went to town defeated. My brother came in and resupplied me full of rejuves. I went down again and same result. I actually posted a thread for help in here but deleted it. Figured I should keep trying.

I went back in and decided to work on Baal. He was a joke and didn't even put up a fight worthy of discussion.

I went back to Mephisto and figured I will try to lure him in the South corner. After resupplying on my brother's last few full rejuves, I pulled him down south. No ghosts to fuck up my mana this time. Very few minions getting cheap potshots.

Well, he fell. I came out alive. The Torch fell to the ground and I tossed mine to identify it. A shitty Amazon torch. My lucky day since my bro just made a new Javazon, therefore I get 0 hrs for this magnificent piece.

Anyways, I'm tired and about to go to bed now. Thought I'd share my experience with you guys. It was overall exhilarating and I learned a lot:

  • Kill Diablo¢
  • Kill Baal
  • Clear as many trash minions in a corner and lure Meph
  • Finish him
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I think for gear, I will add a 3 os Jalal with 3x Um runes. This will help in case Treachery proc ends mid fight too. I can swap especially for Meph since I believe he's poison immune anyways and the facets aren't doing much good on him.

Thanks for reading!

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