Just started two weeks ago, new season questions

Hey all, so I pulled the trigger on getting this game on Switch like two weeks ago. It's been a learning curve, most guides seem to assume you've been playing since season 1 and just understand everything. Since I started fresh though I started as a Monk and have now had it converted from a seasonal hero to a normal one. I have a fairly good build I am on Torment VII and can one shot everything but elites can one shot me if they hit me first. Also Paragon 105.

So now with the new season starting in two weeks is it worth running a Monk again? I got the Uliana's spirit from the season 20 rewards for my monk and I'm just trying to find the 1 handed weapons and lvl 70 captains belt + legs to finish the full Seven Sided strike build. Then was going to start trying to farm up the Sunwuko set so I can make one of the higher tier builds. But now I see the new season's reward is exactly that. I don't know if there's a benefit to running a monk twice. I'm having fun with the monk but I don't know much about set farming. Since I only got two weeks with my current monk in the season the new one I'll be able to play with more experience but then I basically should quit playing for two weeks it seems until the new season starts. Otherwise I guess I'd run a DH to grab that set then go back to my monk.

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I'm stuck though because I don't know what you're supposed to do with a character outside of a season. Reading guides and stuff it seems like running the season is what you're supposed to do then do nothing with your character after that. I don't know if set farming is actually easy and I'm just bad at it (I've gotten like 3 random set pieces outside of the one given to me) so it's not worth throwing away my current Monk for a new one. Idk….I feel like I started the game at the worst time as well.

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