Lets talk about Diablo Immortal as a nobody

I am one of the lucky bunch, living in Canada and approved with the close beta testing privilege.so Let start with the elephant in the room. the money part of it.

Have I spent on the game during beta testing? yep. $40 CAD in total

Have I trashed the game model in the in-game survey? yep. 1 star mostly during the first 2 hours

Have I trashed the game model in the in-game survey after? nope. 5 stars mostly. I will explain the details

Have I ever felt like money is a thing to make progress in this game? yep.

Have I sent feedback to blizzard complaining about the monetization? yep.

How would I rank Diablo Immortal overall within the mobile game category? Top 3 if not best

and I should have known better. I wasted so much money in this game where it was not needed (tho, they will be refunded as in-game credit when the game goes public)

Diablo immortal economy system runs on many currencies. most of them are obtainable by playing the game without dropping a single cent into the shop. Eternal orbs would be the one that doesn't seem to be obtainable by playing the game during beta.

now let's talk about the conflict here where I found myself wasting money playing this game.

IMHO, I believe any diablo games have 2 core purposes. Story and lore / End game bragging right.

Let's talk about story and lore. Many people speculate that the core storyline requires a subscription, battle pass to play thru. the answer is No, kill that mindset right now. It's a free story that you can enjoy. Nothing more than diablo 3, and certainly nothing less than diablo 3. I do appreciate this. it's a full-on storyline with voiceover. you do not have to read the text like every other MMO on mobile. It's blizzard quality.

What's better than diablo 3?

Diablo 3 was not free guys. on the other hand, Diablo immortal the story is completely free and it is definitely not a short story. everything off the lore, story, exploration are free. Blizzard probably will cry their off if everybody just plays the storyline without spending a dime. And you know what, you really don't have to. My experience is, you don't feel under nor overpowered during the whole campaign process. When was the last time we anything free from blizzard other than HOTS? Congratulation guys, we finally get a Christmas present from blizzard.

Elephant in the room. Where have I spent my money?

I am not a blaster player but I am a blaster-player wannabe. I have the tendency of buying things in-game which results in speeding up my in-game process when the offer matches the following listed:

– makes me more powerful

– speeding up my early game progression

– makes me look cooler than the other John Doe

– gets me higher RNG on drops

let's talk about that.

The money I have spent broke into the following areas. Progression chest, seasonal pass, eternal orbs

**Progression Chest:**Price: Coffee

these are the cheapest purchases you can make in the game. I am not sure if I am allowed to disclose the prices but they are certainly worth less than your time (we are talking about coffee money here). I don't regret buying these chests. they mostly offer material for crafting and items that boost your drop rate for legendary gems (which boost your item abilities and stats). One thing that I want to share is, after playing all the way up to level 50. the legendary gems are not even necessary for the story play through. Take my words for that. and after level 40, as a noob beta tester, I have found if you put in the time to do the "free" daily challenges and kill mobs, you can actually obtain the RNG booster for free.

**Seasonal Pass:**Price: Coffee x 3

This is a good one. so there are the free pass and the paid pass. free pass you do the daily quest and gain progression, progression equal rewards. Just like every other live service game like Destiny 2. The paid pass has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with your exp. The paid pass basically gives you more resources in the game where you can still grind them out for free if that's what you are into. Nothing in the paid pass that you cannot get if you are willing to sacrifice your girlfriend/boyfriend/mom/onlyfan time, name your poison. Let's be realistic here, yes there's an advantage here but not something that you cannot compensate if you are willing to put the time and effort in. If you have a group of friends and are looking to group up and play on a daily basis, you might even get more resources than myself who can only play for a few hours during the weekend with the pass.

**Eternal Orbs:**Price: A lot of Coffee (probably latte as well)

this is the sunk hole of this game. Eternal orbs are expensive. I think before we all dive into the currency, I would like to share the reason behind why I bought orbs in the first place. Well, in short, I am not a pro-gamer and I don't like to read. One of the core currencies other than orbs is platinum (I hope I am not butchering the name but yea. platinum). A currency to craft important things in the game. At first, I was thinking that the only way to get platinum is to trade eternal orbs for it. I was so wrong. I have completely misread the daily / weekly quest where it rewards platinum in the first place.


I am not a blizzard fanboy, I can still feel my burnt from hearthstone where they force you to buy a new deck pack every season to stay competitive and old cards go into the trash. Diablo Immortal is not like that. Either way, you decide to stay as free-to-play or pay-to-save-time, your effort/money stays. in diablo 3, we spend resources on a specific piece of gear but in immortal, it stays with the character and item slots. Not gonna lie, it's great. it allows my time spent in the game to be a hell lot more reusable and future-proof.

what I am trying to say here is, diablo immortal is not a pay-to-win game. It's a perspective thing where if you set out to win in the highest challenger rift, you grind or you pay. However, if you are trying to have an enjoyable journey within the diablo universal, finish the campaign, do dungeons and daily bounties with your friends? you would be stupid to pay because it's not necessary at all.

Now, fingers crossed. I don't get an email from blizzard for giving out beta content. I am not writing this because I am lucky enough to test the beta but to share it with all the other diablo fans out there. There is a great game going your way for free.

PS. Yes, it is the best mobile game I have ever played, and you want to have this finished before diablo 4 launches.

Let me know what you think!


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