Low level Guardian completion

So, decided to do something different this season. Rather than grind for levels, I tried to see what is the absolute lowest paragon required to complete the season journey. As such, there are rift completions, boss kills, and greater rift completion requirements.

This all requires a partner, who will be doing most of the work. They'll gear dump to you, as well as carry you through rifts and greater rifts.

  1. You gain zero xp post 70 if you're dead or in town. (Pre level 70, you actually seem to gain XP, and I'm not sure why the difference at the moment). With hardcore, you will gain XP off boss kills, regardless if you're in town, but there's no way to escape that. In softcore, as long as you're dead, everything is good. Quit before rifts and greater rifts are closed, as they give you XP, and it doesn't matter if you're dead or not. Make sure to stay on the same level as the leveling player. (Just suicide before they start clearing the next levels). Collect your treasures after everything is killed (you'll still get legendaries, goblin drops, etc. This helps for recipes that you'll be lacking due to the next step).

  2. Do the bounty requirements while leveling. There's no way to skip this, but you might as well get that XP out of the way before it can go into paragon.

  3. With vaults, once again, suicide. This will help get your monetary worries out of the way, and hopefully some materials. Just regular vaults. Ancient vaults don't work so well.

  4. Greater rift clears occur after the boss is killed, not on close. Regular rift clears occur on close, not after the boss kill. You're only required to face one regular sub 4 minute T13 rift, and one solo greater rift 70 to knock everything out of the way, which will knock out all the other requirements. As such, this is the only XP you'll ever gain. Exit without closing the Greater Rift.

  5. With the regular rift, try for the 2 minute Torment X+. If you're required to get a T13 close, you might as well knock this conquest out of the way too in one shot.

  6. With Boss Mode, stay in town while the other players clears to the boss. Make sure you die before they kill the boss, and you should not gain XP for that conquest completion.

  7. For your third conquest, Avarice with 10 Challenge Caches. This unfortunately will take 10 weeks to complete, and is what I'm waiting on.

  8. For gem leveling, make sure you level up your gems before the other player, and also collect your loot before the other player. If the other player collected everything before I was able to resurrect and teleport to them, on a few occasions I didn't receive loot or wasn't able to upgrade a gem.

  9. For the other boss kills (ubers, T13, etc.), just make sure you're dead before your partner clears. On Hardcore, this is unavoidable XP.

  10. For a fourth conquest, you can collect your gear and do the set dungeons, but make sure you apply leveled up gem of eases, so that you can have a sub 70 player complete them. Set dungeons are unavoidable XP, and even joining a level 1 game to do them, you'll gain a few thousand xp. Nothing to destroy a run, but then again, this is a terrible conquest all around, so it's not worth doing anyway.

  11. Use gem augments to make up for the stats you're going to miss because of a low level.

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All in all, it's possible to complete Guardian for the season with fewer than 70 paragon on SC. The main XP issue I have is the solo GR70, and trying to figure out how to lower that. Look for certain floors, or only kill Elites? Unfortunately I won't be able to test that this season, as my characters are used up on all 3 servers.


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