Monsters feeling weightless in Diablo 4

I've watched gameplay for several times now.
As much as I am excited for the Diablo 4 and everything that is going on around it I felt like something was off during the gameplay.

And I was switching back from D2 and D3 and D4 gameplay videos.

The monsters in Diablo 4 need some weight. We're not playing in a role of a nephalem where our power is so huge that I can slap the crap out of the monster and send him flying 20 feet away. Monster that is obviously 3 times heavier than my character.
Monsters death animation need some weight to it. At the moment, animation and monster dying feels like they're made of plastic and paper and they are moving like there is 0 gravitation.
I mean knockback looks ridiculous. The monster's model just moves backwards without any changes in its posture or physical appearance. If its PVP and other player models behave like that I wouldn't have any problems, but when monsters act like that, it takes away from immersion.
Would be great if they make it more believable, and not just do it the easy way.
They have money and time. I don't care if it comes out in 2024. Just do it right. Bring attention to details.

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Don't wanna be "that guy" like I am trying to find a needle in a haystack but all these little details are complementing the bigger picture of immersion and overall feel of the game. Adding proper sound effects to it, sound effects of slicing the skin, steel cutting through bones, some bass heavy sound for spells that do knockback, tiny rock fragments sound effects getting scattered all over the place in caves, different EQ presets when you enter different areas (cathedral, cave, dungeon…)

Honestly I am not complaining, not sharing my concern, I am just putting this out there, if someone shares similar thoughts, maybe it will get attention, if not, I will still enjoy it either way.
I am just being really passionate about Diablo, thats all.

Ty for reading.

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