Movement Skills like Leap or Teleport should have 2 charges on the base skill

Content of the article: "Movement Skills like Leap or Teleport should have 2 charges on the base skill"

Movement Skills are imo in need of a (slight) rework.

Leap, Furious Charge and Teleport (and maybe even Blood Rush) should have 2 charges on the base skill, just like the Monks Dashing Strike – and then one of their runes could give them an additional charge.

Especially Teleport feels bad, because the only way to get Teleport more often is either by equipping Aether Walker (which significantly lowers your damage, because you loose out on a weapon with more damage), or by using the Wormhole rune, but that only allows you to use Teleport again within 3 seconds, which means you kinda can only use Teleport a second time within a short duration, maybe even when you don’t need it.

The same goes for Leap with the Lut Socks. You can not really use Leap tactically, like jumping in a group of enemies, dealing damage to them and then retreating with another Leap when you get low on health. No, you have to use the additional “charges” within 2 seconds.

Here are some suggestion on how to improve some of the Movement Skills in the game:


Base Skill (unruned)

  • now has 2 charges

Launch (rune)

  • gets replaced with another rune that gives a 3rd charge

Lut Socks (Legendary Boots)

  • Now gives +1 charge instead of allowing Leap to be used two additional times after the initial Leap. Maybe can also lower the recharge time of Leap by xx%, if necessary, or something else.


Furious Charge

Base Skill (unruned)

  • now has 2 charges
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Dreadnought (rune)

unchanged and still gives a 3rd charge


Blood Rush

Base Skill (unruned)

now has 2 charges, but eventually for balance purposes, the recharge time needs to be increased from 5 seconds to 6 seconds. Would require testing.

Metabolism (rune)

  • unchanged, so you now have 3 charges.



Base Skill (unruned)

  • now has two charges and the recharge time is reduced to 8 seconds

Wormhole (rune)

  • now gives a 3rd charge

Reversal (rune)

  • stays as it is. It removes the 2 charges and replaces them with a 5-8 second cooldown. Using Teleport again within 5 seconds returns you to your original place and lowers the remaining CD to 1 second.

Aether Walker (Legendary Wand)

  • remains as it is, just removes now all charges instead of the CD and replaces them with resource costs.


If the community has other ideas, please put them down here.

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