My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 7 One Month Late Edition

Brief Update:

I know it has been awhile since I have posted more of my Diablo II adventure log, the reason for that was that I wanted to take some time off to focus on school stuff and various other work, of which I neglected to make a post stating so, and took a little to much time off than I wanted. I, then, was originally going to make this post last weekend, but then I got hit with appendicitis and had to spend most of the weekend in the hospital for surgery. Fortunately everything went well and I was discharged by noon on Sunday. I, then, wanted to rest a few days to recover since I wasn't in the condition to sit down in front of a computer for a few hours just yet. Now that that's out of the way, I'll continue on with my playthrough of Diablo II.

Day 7:

Once I had made sure my potion supply was set, I use the town waypoint to return to the Canyon of the Magi. While exploring for a bit, I noticed that there are quite a number of chests placed around the place, can't say the loot I've gotten from them so far is all that worth it though (I mainly got small amounts of gold and low quality gear). Once I finished finding out the layout of the area, I come across multiple tomb entrances, all labeled Tal Rasha's tomb. From what I recall, the real tomb is marked by Tal Rasha's symbol, which is the missing symbol from the symbols displayed in the Arcane Sanctuary and is, thankfully as I don't want to have to go back to the Arcane Sanctuary to see the displayed symbols, is displayed in the quest log for Tal Rasha's tomb (A circle with nothing else), or at least I assume it is; also, I'd assume all of the false entrances are probably traps, so I'll avoid them unless I know otherwise. Once I located the tomb entrance marked with that symbol, I enter it.

Upon entering it, one thing I noticed was the fact that it just say Tal Rasha's Tomb, so I'm assuming there is only one level. Exploring for awhile, I have noticed that the place is vast with many twists and turns with no luck so far at finding the room I need to reach.

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After fighting them many times, I have developed a hatred for those Scarab enemies, as that post-mortem lightning attack they make every time I kill one can really hurt if I forget to enable the resist lightning aura before fighting a large amount of them, which this tomb does have a ton of them.

Eventually, I come across the room with the symbols engraved on the floor where I need to use the Horadric Staff to open the room where Tal Rasha's body is located. Knowing I will have to fight a boss battle soon after I use the Staff, I make a quick trip back to the town to stock up on potions and repair my gear. Once all that was settled, I place the Staff on the orifice in the middle of the room. Upon doing so the staff lit up with a white light, as well as the symbols on the floor, and after a few seconds the staff shot a bolt of lightning at the well on the left side of the room, destroying the wall and revealing Tal Rasha's Chamber.

Once I entered the chamber, I am immediately attacked by Duriel, and I'm going to be honest here, I died a lot to him. Some of the times I am able to place down a town portal early enough so I could instantly go back and grab my stuff, but some times I forget to do so and I have to go all the way back, starting from the Canyon of the Magi waypoint since there isn't a waypoint right before that room. I had to enable the thorns aura so that any damage dealt to me is dealt back double so I could at least wittle his health down a bit faster, but still he was not easy to fight. Also, his cold attacks are the worst as I can't even get much of an attack in since I am immediately slowed down by it, I mean I could enable resist cold, but that won't do me much good if I can't attack for the life of me. After one of my death's, I had the idea to try out a new skill I was able to get, Vengeance which deals all elemental damage with each successful attack, which in the end still did little to deal with the situation as my movements are still slowed by Duriel's cold attacks.

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And, finally, after several deaths and retreats, I finally defeat Duriel, who dropped quite a few items, such as a unique axe called the Deathspade, a rare crystal sword called the Loathe Saw, a rare composite bow called Loathe Harp, a rare heavy belt named Storm Lock and I even obtained another set item, a ring called Cathan's Seal which is part of Cathan's Traps. After identifying some of the dropped items, I return to the chamber to continue exploring it. Eventually, I reach a bridge over a pool of lava and on the other side was the Archangel Tyrial, someone whom until playing this game, I only knew by his face, or lack there of that is. He thanks me for freeing him and then he explains that he came to the mortal world to stop Diablo from freeing Baal, but he had failed and now both the Lord of Terror and the Lord of Destruction are headed to the Kurast in search for their eldest brother, Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred. He states that if the three prime evils are united, they will be invincible. Since the energy tying Tyrial to the mortal world is diminishing, he gives me the task of sailing to Kurast to try and prevent Diablo and Baal from reuniting with Mephisto before it is too late.

Returning to Lut Gholein to prepare for the voyage to Kurast, I speak with several of the people there to spread the info I received from Tyrial, most of which either essentially say the same thing that Tyrial told me or thank me for my actions. Eventually, I speak with Jerhyn, who says he has made arrangements to transport me east to continue my quest.

After making sure I have everything in my inventory settled, I set off to sail east to stop Diablo and Baal.

End of Session Stats:


Level: 21 -> 22

Strength: 66

Dexterity: 49

Vitality: 53 -> 57

Energy: 23

Skill Update:

Learned Vengeance

End of Day 7:

Man that fight with Duriel was excruciatingly frustrating to go through as I can't really deal much damage quick enough since his cold attacks slow my movements and light health potions are practically useless as the damage he deals out speeds the health regen speed of the potion, maybe I should have made a bunch of rejuvenation potions, at least I think you can make them with the Horadric Cube I'm not sure. But, anyway, I want to know if I was doing something wrong or was the battle just normally that hard. Also, I plan to try and set up a schedule of when I do these sessions, so since the middle of the week is usually busy for me, I'll try and get these out at least on Saturdays and Sundays, probably Fridays as well and if I do find time in the middle of the week to play, I'll make posts for them as well. Also, I didn't even realize it had almost been a month since my last post, so sorry about that, my perception of time seems to be rather fast these days as I don't even realize a week had gone by till I look at a calendar. Anyways, I'll try not to take too long a break between posts from now on and, again, I apologize for the unintentionally long time since my last post.

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