My Hardcore Journey

Love this community, thought I would share my D2R journey of frustration and reward.

Background info, D2 was my childhood game, I walked away after 1.09 cus 🤷‍♂️ but came back from time to time purely for nostalgic reasons. However, at the time I never played hardcore. As a gamer I grew to love games like Bloodborne, Hollow Knight, Doom and God of War on the hardest difficulties. I like games where loss has consequences. I also did really enjoy D3 on the ps4 (don’t hate me) and that is where I learned to love hardcore.

Fast forward to D2R, I knew I could only play hardcore. This is the way. My time is limited (I am a father of 2 little ones and an anesthesiologist resident). Here is my journey.

1st Death: I started with a windy druid. Never played one before but seemed cool and relatively “safe”. I had a buddy I would play with. I shockingly was doing incredibly well. He lost several characters but I made it to Act 3 Hell, was feeling good, then had a lapse of judgement. Went into the sewers with hurricane active. Bunch of dolls ran into my hurricane and boom dead. I stared blankly at the screen then laughed at my stupidity.

2nd Death: remade the windy. Was progressing through NM, was in Act 3 (there is a theme here) and ran into Bramm. Despite maxed light and fire res he had some light aura and = instant charged bolt death.

3rd Death: windy again, was too cocky for normal and got stun locked in Act 5 throne room by minotaurs. Dead.

4th Death: repeat windy, DC’d in normal cows, logged onto a dead character.

5th Death: kept up with the windy, was more cautious. Farmed for higher levels and pretty decent gear (duel spirits, smoke for max rez), was in Act 3 hell when I DC’d in the ruined temple… logged onto another dead character. That one hurt the most. And yes, I know the server issues but such is the risk of hardcore. This is the way.

6th Death: by now I was getting rather burned out, my buddy died as well in hell and officially quit. Another community member was kind enough to help replace some of my lost gear and I decided to give the windy druid one last go. Beat NM, was farming NM baal for experience and gear. Ran into a bizillion flayers and succubus with several elite packs. Lots of things died very quickly… including me. Don't even know what killed me as when I scanned the room everything was dead. Including me… sigh.

7th and final try: I decided I had one more go in me left. However, I did not have the endurance to do the windy druid again so I decided to make the safe route and picked the summoner. Well, last night was the night. I finally beat hell!

And thats my journey! Thanks for listening!

TL;DR: I died many times trying to solo hardcore and finally did it! P.s. I would love to give back and join any hardcore community out there! I may not be the fastest or strongest character, but I am pretty comfortably safe! Battle net tag: mattsn0917#1946


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